Freedom of the Press

By: George Metzen


Pottery for sale at the Athens market going from 20-30 drachmas.

Farming jobs open it pays 2 drachmas per day write to 221b Alexander Lane Athens.

House for sale 4 bedrooms, 2 store spaces, a courtyard with an alter, a living room, dining room, and a kitchen, cost = 1000 drachmas.

sculpture meant to be in the Parthenon for sale 300 drachmas.

Greek of the week: Plato

Plato is a Greek philosopher who lived between 427 B.C.E. and 347 B.C.E. he studied at academy and learned from Socrates. he developed distinct areas of philosophy as epistemology (the theory of knowledge), metaphysics (the main ideas of things like time and space), ethics (moral principles), and aesthetics (the appreciation of art).

The arts


philosophy or “The love of wisdom” was the birth of metaphysics, epistemology, aesthetics, and ethics. there lots of philosophers in ancient greece it was so popular that they built schools just for philosophy. Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle are the most “popular” of the ancient Greek philosophers. they developed new ways of looking at the main ideas of things like art and space.


The greeks had a more developed ways of art that the world around them. they made pottery, statues, and buildings that you can see today. they last for a long time even some paintings are in almost perfect condition. others are torn and blank in some spots.

statues have been destroyed by earthquakes and some don't exist anymore. but the ones that survived show a lot about greek culture and differences in city-states.

Aliens build the parthenon!

Have you ever wondered how the parthenon was built? Well now we think we know who built them and how they did it! They used the superior technology to sculpt all the pillars and lift the roof. They showed the greeks how to use the technology and gave it to them so they could build more advanced buildings.

Alastor family prboems

Alastor the god of family feuds is having family problems! The family has split up after Alastor punished his wife's brothers and sisters... for a crime that her father committed! He is now residing in his house near Mt. Olympus refusing interviews. The family has shown no interest in returning.

Aristotle Dead

Aristotle died of a digestive system disease which caused them to not function correctly. He worked on most areas of philosophy and made new discoveries that helped Grease. His works will be passed on through the ages and he will be missed.

Socrates Dead

Socrates was trying to corrupt children and overthrow democracy. He died when a jury voted 280/220 he was forced to poison himself. He could have saved his life if he suggested exile. he will be remembered by the people who loved him and hated by the people whos lives he destroyed.