5th Grade News

February 11th

Important Dates

February 14th: Valentine Exchange

February 14th: Retake - Great Lakes Test

February 16th: Award Ceremony (Recording will be sent out)

February 18th: Unit 6 Math Test (New date)

February 18th: Light Test

Valentine Exchange

We will exchange Valentines with our homeroom classes on Monday, 2/14. If students would like to participate, please make sure they bring a Valentine for everyone in their homeroom class.

Kindness Matters Week

Students and families are invited to join PWCS and the Virginia Department of Education next week in promoting Virginia Kindness Week, February 14-20, 2022. The Science of Kindness has shown that by participating in acts of kindness, one can feel an increased sense of well-being, belonging, and an overall decrease in stress. Teaching children to act in kind ways has proven to improve self-esteem, increase peer acceptance, and concentration. Join us in practicing and celebrating kindness not only next week, but all year round. Visit our webpage for kindness activities and resources.

Monday: "Be You Day, Be Kind to Yourself and Wear your Favorite Outfit"

Tuesday: "Be Loving, Wear Pink and Red" (to accessorize your uniform)

Wednesday: "Dress Like your Teacher"

Thursday: "Kick Out Bullying, Be Kind! Wear Cool Shoes and Socks" (with your uniforms)

Friday: Casual Day for classrooms who completed at least 20 kindness tasks.

Pennington Fun Run

In just 4 weeks, we’ll kick off our Pennington Fun Run on 3/7! Our goal is to raise $20,000 for school improvements and to strengthen our school community. This year more than ever, we need additional funds to provide an excellent educational experience for all of our students. We completely understand if your family is not in a position to financially support the school right now. You can still be involved by simply SHARING about our fundraiser with friends and extended family online at mybooster.com. Sharing IS supporting! All students will participate in the Pennington Fun Run, regardless of financial participation. We will also be following our school safety guidelines to ensure a safe and fun experience for everyone.

We appreciate your support more than you know. More details to come as we get closer to kickoff!

Key dates to remember:

  • Fundraiser Kickoff - 3/7

  • Event Day - 3/15

Annual Book Exchange

The Pennington Library is hosting our annual Book Exchange on Friday, February 25. Students are invited to trade up to five books and get something “new” to read at no cost. All books must be in good condition and items may be declined at the librarian’s discretion. We will not accept baby books, board books, workbooks, textbooks, books for adults, or coloring books. Instead, bring in books you enjoyed reading; titles you know other students will like too.

Students should drop off books Tuesday through Thursday, February 21-24. Please don’t wait until the 25th to bring in your books. This will allow us time to sort and display the books. Questions may be directed to Mrs. Lahann, lahannjl@pwcs.edu.

Language Arts

The students practiced identifying the central (main) idea and supporting details of nonfiction text. They reviewed ways that an author uses nonfiction text features and structures to support reading comprehension.


5.6c - Identify the main idea

5.6d - Summarize supporting details

5.6j - Compare and contrast details and ideas within and between texts


5.9d - Give credit to sources used in research

5.9e - Avoid plagiarism and use own words

5.9f - Demonstrate ethical use of the internet


The focus of this unit is on solving single-step and multi-step practical problems involving addition and subtraction with fractions and mixed numbers, as well as solving single-step practical problems involving products of a whole number less than or equal to 12 and a proper fraction. Students should be able to apply number sense strategies to support their computational understanding. There is a math test coming up on February 18th.

Unit 6 will include lessons and activities based on the following topics:

5.6a (Links to an external site.) Solve single-step and multi-step practical problems involving addition and subtraction with fractions and mixed numbers.

5.6b (Links to an external site.) Solve single–step practical problems involving multiplication of a whole number, limited to 12 or less, and a proper fraction, with models.

Science and Social Studies

Next week we will be finishing up our Science, Light unit with a test on Friday, February 18. The study-guide is due on Wednesday, February 18.

Retake Reminder

To ensure that parents are aware of students' quiz/test grades we ask that you please email the teacher to request a retake.

This Week's Technology Tips Newsletter

Hello! Here is this week’s edition! In it, I provide an infographic on useful keyboard shortcuts (if you are not used to using shortcuts) that use the Control key. I believe that using keyboard shortcuts can make performing simple tasks quicker and more efficient.