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Welcome Back!

I am very happy to say that I am starting out my 5th year in Mentor public Schools at Orchard Hollow as my home building once again and happily joining Lake Elementary on Thursdays! This year if off to a great start and we are busy busy busy..

In Kindergarten we have explored color, line and shape while making rainbow line paintings and Mondrian inspired shape artworks!

First grade read the DOT by Peter Reynolds for "Dot Day" and created abstract oil pastel/resist paintings that have been on display throughout our hallways!

Second graders are in the process of finishing their COOL Colored Peacocks after exploring the differences between warm and color schemes and how color makes us feel emotions.

Our third graders are all about OP ART and creating Optical illusions! their disco thought bubble artworks are AMAZING!

Fourth grade pushed themselves a little for their first project by creating radial symmetry with name and shape kaleidoscope designs. This project required a lot of patience and planning...Way to go 4th graders!

Lastly, our fifth graders have been learning all about POP art and Keith Haring. The students created 4 figure drawings to tell a story (or show a sequence of movement) and then finished them off by painting them in (4) different color schemes - warm, cool, complementary and neutral.

Feel free to check us out on Twitter and Instagram for images!


Our first project of the year was a school wide collaboration.. Even the staff took part in creating an all school mural of monochromatic self portraits. The students created self-portraits in the color of the table they sit at in the art room. When I placed them all together down our hallway at Orchard and Lake the results are amazing.. One giant rainbow of color, creativity and unity... I can't think of a better way to show our "family" at Orchard Hollow and Lake!
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Mentor Public Schools Elementary Art Show

WHEN: Tuesday, May 16th

TIME: 5:30-8pm

WHERE: Paradigm

Please join us!

Mentor Schools Elementary Art teachers will transform Paradigm into a gallery

showcasing work from all eight of our elementary schools. We hope you can join

us in celebrating our students' many talents.

*Students that have artwork on display will receive a separate notification


Our display will be interactive. Please bring your smart phone and download the free application Aurasma. Directions are listed below.

*headphones are also recommended

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Newspapers Needed!

Art Club begins next Monday (2/6) for all 5th graders that have received a slip from me. If anyone can donate newspapers that they are finished reading or if they have any extras laying around that need to be recycled you can send them on in to the art room! Any help with this is appreciated : ) Thank you again for all of your continued support!

Mrs. V

Art Room Update

This year is flying by! I cannot believe the holidays have come and gone and we are heading into February.. We are busy making art and learning all sorts of new things!

In kindergarten and 1st grade we are exploring color and how all the colors we see come from only 3 - the primary colors! Kindergarten is color mixing and making birds. Our first graders are learning all about facial features and expressions while creating portraits with crazy hair. Our color mixing comes into play when we use straws to blow the paint across our papers and mix rainbow colored wacky hair.

Our second and third graders are focusing on the elements of art (particularly space/depth) while learning about landscapes. 2nd grade is exploring making painted paper and collage for their trees and hills. 3rd grade is learning how to overlap and create buildings with a Van Gogh Starry night in the background.

4th grade just finished their pop art self-portraits a which are amazing! They are heading into zentangle designs and learning about how art plays a part in different cultures. Our designs are inspired by Henna, but DON'T worry - we wont be drawing on our hands : )

5th grade is creating IMPRESSIVE perspective city drawings and I cannot wait to hang them all over the school. The 5th graders are working so hard on making sure their artwork is in correct perspective which isn't an easy task..

Art club is also starting up again! This years club is offered to fifth graders only. The club is made up of 35 fifth graders who love art and want to create some new and excited projects in addition to class time. Art club starts on MONDAY, FEB.6th from 2:50-3:45 and will be every Monday throughout the remainder of the school year.

More updates to come!

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Mrs. Victor is coming back!

Hi everyone! well what a year it has been so far... All of the students are busy creating in the art room with Mrs. Rayl while I have been gone on maternity leave and I cannot wait to see what they have accomplished! I have been lucky enough to spend the past 12 weeks with my handsome little Austin Christopher but will be returning to work on Monday Dec. 5th to work with my other favorite kiddos..Please be on the look out for information on art club for 5th graders at Orchard Hollow after Christmas break and definitely take a look at Artsonia to see what your child has created up to this point. Happiest of holidays to all!

ALL SCHOOL Art Show - Orchard Hollow!

Thursday, April 21st 2016 at 6-7:30pm

8700 Hendricks Road

Mentor, OH

Please join us in celebrating the hard work and creativity of our students here at Orchard Hollow! This art show will showcase
artwork from all students Kindergarten through 5th grade, in a
variety of mediums…

The students work very hard throughout the year and take
great pride in their unique creations. Come join us at
Orchard Hollow for a night full of ART!


Please be on the look out for the info letter and permission slip being sent home on Friday January 15th with your 5th grade child. This letter will tell you all the details you need to know about art club that will start on Tuesday February 2, 2016. A permission slip will be attached with this letter and need to be returned to me NO LATER than January 29th!

Cannot wait to get started!!

Happy New Year!

Here we are, already past the holidays and back in full swing of 2016.. This year seems to be flying by! I have some great news about out PTA Reflections contest and some updates about what is happening in the art room.

First - Congrats to the following winners of our PTA Reflections contest! The following students were not only selected to move on to the county level from Orchard Hollow but ALL of them were selected to move on to the STATE level as well! Here is the winning list of students:

Kindergarten: Cody Klasch

1st Grade: Avayah Farrell (visual art)

1st Grade; Photography: Max Barninger

2nd Grade: Giuliana Petti

3rd Grade: Stella Vidovic

4th Grade: Erin Rosiek

5th Grade: Louis LaGanke


We are in the 3rd quarter now and clay projects, painting and other fun things are taking place. Please be sure that your child has a paint shirt to bring to art class. I have extra shirts in my room but at times run out because I am lending so many.. Thanks in advance!

Keep your eyes open for some exciting projects on Artsonia, I am doing my best to update as quickly as possible! Just as a friendly reminder, I hold on to most of the artwork until the end of the year. I do this so as the art shows approach I have a large variety to select form and the students can select their favorite to be in the Orchard Hollow show (new to 2016).

End of Quarter 1! Where does time go?!

wow, I cannot believe it is already Halloween next weekend and the first quarter has come to and end... First of all I want to say how much I am enjoying this year at Orchard Hollow. The kids are amazing and we are having a great time in the art room! Here is a little update with what we have been working on...

Kindergarten has just finished up their fall leaf project in which they overlapped primary colors of tissue paper to mix colors with water! We transformed our colorful papers by tracing leaf shapes, cutting them out and then finish them off with glitter (their favorite part of course : ) Now we are moving right along and creating owls with various textures..

First grade finished their "last flowers of summer" project in which they too used tissue paper and glue-water to mixed the colors of the rainbow. The students also learned how to draw flowers with overlapping petals to finish it off. The students now are working with leaf textures to create water color paintings. The children learned about the artist Andy Goldsworthy!

Second grade created the beautiful koi fish paintings that have been on display in the hallway! The students experimented with salt and water color paint as well as focused on warm and cool color schemes. Next the students are using various textures to paint. The students went on a texture hunt outside and are using sponges and neon paint to make their artwork!

Third grade is focusing on the famous artist Henri Rousseau and his jungle paintings. The students used oil pastel to create either a toucan, chameleon or tiger in its habitat. The results are amazing!

Fourth grade has been working on their biggest challenge to date in the art room... We discussed textiles and weaving and created our very own looms. The students have been working very hard at creating an artwork out of yarn beads and knots. They are so proud of themselves and so am I!

Fifth grade finished up their big painting project that was centered around the artist Andy Warhol. The students learned about color theory and different color schemes to create this artwork that uses repetition and bright bold pop art colors!

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3rd Graders Plant Pinwheels for Peace!

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International Day of Peace

The International Day of Peace, sometimes unofficially known as World Peace Day, is observed annually on September 21st. It is dedicated to world peace, and specifically the absence of war and violence. The day was first celebrated in 1982, and is kept by many nations, political groups, military groups, and people.

Creative start!

We are ending our third week at Orchard Hollow and the kids have been doing a great job at getting back into the swing of things in the art room! I am so excited to welcome the new kindergartners to Orchard and we are already experimenting with watercolor paint next week : )

First grade read "The Dot" by Peter Reynolds and we explored what its means to be an artist yourself with oil pastels and watercolor paints. We also added shiny foil frames to make it stand out.

Second grade is working on a collaborative piece in which they all designed a "patch" for a second grade quilt. We reviewed pattern with line, shape and color and it is amazing!

Third grade is participating in a special project that I have never tried before... We created pinwheels for peace and discussed symbols, words and designs that mean peace and unity. Our pinwheels will be on display at Orchard Hollow Sept. 21st for the International Day of Peace.

Fourth grade and fifth grade are exploring the Pop art movement and leaning about Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. The students are creating name art in a comic style in fourth grade and repetitious symbol paintings in fifth grade.

We are busy busy and really expressing ourselves! stay tuned for more updates and photos : )

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Welcome to Art at Orchard Hollow and Shore!

Wow, a brand new year already! Summer flew by as it usually does but I am very excited to get this year rolling. This year I am teaching at Orchard Hollow Monday through Friday leaving every day at 2:05 to teach at Shore middle school. Last year was a successful year and this one will be even better! I have many new projects in mind so get excited to see some very creative art! As always, I love to hear from the parents of my students with any questions and comments you may have. Please feel free to email me at and I will respond at my earliest convenience.
Visit this website to stay up to date with all of the creative things we are doing in the art room! Other outlets you can follow me on are:

Instagram: @victorartroom

Twitter: @RVictorART

Art Club 2015 at Orchard Hollow Elementary!

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Visit Artsonia!

The story of Artsonia begins with a dream that artwork created from kids around the world can be shared and enjoyed by everyone. Today, due to the passion of thousands of art teachers worldwide, that dream has come true.

Please enjoy all of the artwork showcased!

Grading Scale for Art Class:

Elementary Art students’ assessment is based on the following:

• Knowledge and use of art concepts including the elements of art and principles of design

• Craftsmanship (control of tools and materials)

• Creative Expression (The ability to use memory and imagination for visual expression)

• Demonstrates and understanding of artistic concepts

• Demonstrates artistic techniques appropriate to grade level


O Outstanding 9-10 pts. out of 10

The student:

• Applies elements and principles of design in a highly effective manner.

• Shows superb craftsmanship

• Demonstrates a high level or creativity and originality

• Uses previous knowledge towards new lessons

• Demonstrates ability beyond grade level

S+ Above Average 8-8.9 pts. out of 10

The student:

• Shows some awareness of applying elements and principles of design

• Shows an effective level of craftsmanship

• Demonstrates creativity

• Makes connections to prior learning

• Demonstrates above grade level ability

S Satisfactory 7-7.9 pts. out of 10

The student:

• Demonstrates an average understanding in the application of the elements and principles

of design

• Shows an adequate level of craftsmanship

• Demonstrates some creativity

• Begins to make connections to previous knowledge

• Demonstrates grade level ability

S- Below Average 6-6.9 pts. out of 10

The student:

• Demonstrates less than satisfactory understanding of the elements and principles of design.

• Shows poor craftsmanship

• Shows a low level of creativity

• Has difficulty in making connections to previous knowledge

• Shows below grade level ability

NI Needs Improvement 5.9 pts. or less out of 10

The student:

• Has not adequately completed art work

• Needs improvement in skill and technique application