Early Colonization Of Rhode Island

Nick Horne

The Founders

Rhode Island was founded in 1636 by Roger Williams and his partner, named Anne Hutchinson. The reason why they founded Rhode Island was because they did not believe in the religions of the other colonies. Anne Hutchinson left her colony because she did not believe in a religion and Rodger Williams left his colony because he didn't agree with the churches. By the time Rodger Williams died he was having religious problems and became a seeker, which is a person that believes in many different religions.


There was lots of timber in Rhode Island and there was fish that provided food as well as natural ports that were good for trading. Rhode Island was big on whaling and shipbuilding.

Geography and Weather

In Rhode Island there were long winters and short growing seasons that presented problems to the pilgrims. Rhode Island had its ups and downs when it came to geography because it had rocky soil, that made it hard to plant, but it also had forests, that supplied lumber.