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iPride Google Accounts (for Students)

We've started to roll out iPride Google accounts to students this year. Just as teachers have Google drive, mail and calendar accounts through Independence Local Schools, students also have access to the same suite of tools. Students will be given the email address The district is providing Google accounts to grades 5-12 to help as we transition to 1:1 iPads. As you are aware, there is limited storage space available on the iPad, it will be necessary for students to use their iPride Google accounts to create documents and presentations. This transition will be easier if we start introducing students to their Google accounts this school year.

At this point, all Juniors have been given their accounts via a one day introductory lesson to Google docs/drive. Many of the Juniors have been using Google Drive in English class to create, collaborate and share documents. This week I started working with Sophomores in Honors US history to give them their iPride accounts. They will be collaborating on a Google presentation next week. The rest of the 10th grade will come in with regular US History classes in the next few weeks. Freshman will receive their accounts next week through all World History Classes. I don't have a time frame for Seniors yet, but they will receive iPride accounts this quarter.

Once students have accounts, they have the ability to email you (and each other), work collaboratively, use all the Google tools; such as docs, spreadsheets, presentations, and have the ability submit assignments via Google Drive (if you want them too).

Please contact me to learn more about integrating Google Apps into your classroom routine. We can discuss new workflow options in terms of collecting/giving assignments, providing handouts, and even grading. I am available to work with you and your classes in regards to making Google apps work for you and your students. I’ve created three screencast tutorials to assist students with Google Apps so far. I anticipate making more on various topics as more classes begin to use these tools.

See the link to my presentation below.


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