"Coral Bleaching" Epidemic

By: Kinsey Tyson

Details of the Problem

According to Jonathan Pearlman (The Telegraph News) in Great Barrier Reef: Coral Bleaching, "Scientists say that an underwater heat wave in Australia's Great Barrier Reef has led to devastating coral bleaching - the worst in history - which has damaged or killed 95 percent of the Northern Reefs."

Impact of the Coral Bleaching

The biggest impact that the bleaching has made is environmental, because if it grows out of hand, it can not only damage the Great Barrier Reef, but it also pollutes the coast (killing fish and other small animals). It can also hurt humans as well (if they swim through the reef or scuba dive.

It also makes a significant economic impact because Scientists are having to fix the coasts which is proving to become quite expensive. The Great Barrier Reef, being a famous tourist attraction, may not have as many people coming to it.

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