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Happy St Patrick's Day! 2015

What we will be learning.......

Language Arts Unit 4 Week 5- Animal Teams

-Vocabulary: behavior, group, plead, soar, vivid

- Grammar: Contractions with NOT (doesn’t, haven’t, shouldn’t)

- Phonics: words with Long e (y, ey)

-Spelling Words: bumpy, puppy, funny, penny, sandy, bunny; my, night, or, because

- Skill: Retell

Monday we had an incredible Chinese home cooked lunch- noodles, fried rice with all kinds of goodies, pot stickers, veggie egg rolls and fortune cookies thanks to Jen Phillips. A huge Thank You for the yummy treat!

During the week we made St Patrick's Day cards for an organization called Special Delivery. They deliver meals to people who are sick and can't cook or don't have anyone to cook for them. Every time I drop off the cards they tell me how much the cards mean to their clients. I will share a few with you at the end of the newsletter.

Thank You for attending your parent/teacher conference. It is always fun to celebrate the children’s growth.

On St. Patrick's Day the boys will all be bringing a green snack to share with the class. So no need to send a regular snack. We will try and have our little treats in the Garden since the weather is so nice!

-Homework Journals start on MONDAY and are due each FRIDAY

-Books should and WILL be coming home every night

Field Trip

Monday, I will send home the First Grade Field Trip sheet. Please send it back filled in with cash or a check made out to SSF PTO by March 23rd. If you would like to volunteer please put a PS on the form and let me know!

Thank you for all the support you give to Room 3.


Sharon O'Brien

Happy New Year!!

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