Starryid Loves You!

Thanks for your support

Hello from Fred at StarryID!

Thank you so much for supporting one of StarryID's greatest members, John Silver and Invisible.

Spurred on by us, he is recording again with the legendary Craig Furkas and producing new material.

Starryid is a free online community for any band or creative person. Each band who joins could have the following:

  • Starryid will be your champion - that's guaranteed!
  • Their own page with unlimited photos and videos
  • Their own custom media player.
  • A custom page:
  • A Reverbnation widget on each page
  • Have access to hundred of members and thousands of people on FB/Twitter/Linkedin/Reverbnation.
  • Create their own groups and fan clubs
  • Create their own blogs
  • Get shared over 200 social media and social bookmarking sites
  • Their own radio show
  • Their own TV channel
  • Massive exposure to networking and collaboration opportunities.
  • Access to a forum to get feedback on your work.

So simple to sign up, so sensible too!

Speak soon and keep up the good work!

Fred :)

Invisible Vinyl