This is your Captain Speaking

by Gavin MacLeod

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The book This is your captain speaking by Gavin MacLeod is an auto biography about his fantastic voyage through Hollywood, faith, and life. This is a story about Gavin MacLeod, February 28, 1931 – present, in the three settings of his life: Pleasantville, New York, and holly wood. Gavin MacLeod is significant for his roles in The Love Boat, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Back on Course, The secrets of Jonathan Sperelli, and Operation Petticoat. In conclusion, Gavin MacLeod is extremely significant to American culture.

Main Events in His Life

I. He got his first applause at his kindergarten performance and fell in love with applause.

II. His fathered died from cancer.

III. He moved to New York.

IV. He got married to a rockette.

V. He moved to California.

VI. He started working on Mary Tyler Moore

VII. He divorced his wife and married a traveling dancer.

VIII. He worked on The love boat.

IX. He met President Reagan.

X. Gave up acting after becoming a Christian.

Early Life Events of Gavin MacLeod

The life event that influenced Gavin MacLeod was his first applause. This event happened at his kindergarten performance. This caused him to work a long time in theater before making a name for himself on TV and sometimes leaving TV to work in traveling shows across America. In conclusion, Gavin MacLeod’s first applause influenced him throughout his life.

Influential Figures

There are three people who influenced Gavin MacLeod in his life and career. First, his father who later impacted him to stop drinking. To prove this is when his father would come home drunk and fight with his mother. Second, his uncle who took him too Broadway performances in New York. This influenced by igniting his passion for the stage even more. Finally, his mother who influenced him through something all mothers do by supporting their children. In conclusion these three people helped Gavin MacLeod become who he is today.

Questions and Answers

Here are some common questions about this book:

Q.Who is the author?

A.Gavin Macleod

Q.When is the publishing date?


Q.Who is the intended audience?

A.pretty much everybody.

Q.How is the test organized?


Q.Are there any biases?


Q.How do you know?

A.It's a auto biography.

Character traits

There are three character traits that most people don't know about Gavin. Gavin's three character traits are that he's smart, good christian man, and a well played actor.

First, i'm going to prove that he's smart. This can be proven because he decided to stop drinking and smoking. To prove that he quit drinking with a quote from the article, "I've got to something to tell you, I really love you and I'm never going to drink again." To prove that he quit smoking with a quote, "I put down the box and never smoked again."

Second, I'm going to prove that he was a good christian man. this can be proven because he still looked for a new church after he was excommunicated from the Catholics. To prove this with a quote from the article, "I didn't have a church anymore. As a catholic once you get a divorce, your excommunicated."

Finally, I'm going to prove that he was a well played actor. This can be proven because he starred in plays and movies. To put it simply he worked on The Love Boat, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Back on Course, The secrets of Jonathan Sperry, and Operation Petticoat.

My Opinion

Of course with all books I have an opinion and my opinion of this book is that it was satisfactory. There are three reasons I enjoyed this book. First, is that they didn't instantly dump all of Christianity on you till the end. Second, is that he tries to keep the funny. Finally, is that this is America's captain speaking.