Highly Effective Student


My Habits Now

My habits are making sure that I am on top of everything and stay on track with all my school work. Always doing my homework and class work when I am suppose to. I always make sure I ask questions to help me understand the school work. I reread over my essays and OER's but I still do not understand how to make them stay on topic. I would like to get better at do reading passages.

Top 5 Study Habits

1. Biting my nails. 2. Listen to music 3. Be in a quit place. 4.Have a snack. 5. Always ask questions if needed.

Top Three Study Habits

My Future

My future is to leave off to the Navy and be a Judge Advocate General's (JAG) Corps. I will have to go to law school first. I had always wanted to be a lawyer and enlist in the Navy but now I can do both. I had went to Lubbock high and I was in the

Navy Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps (NJROTC). That is what pushed me to join the Navy.

Navy Fight Song