Monthly Math and Science Happenings

Courtesy of the AMA/Iosco Math Science Center

The Michigan Science Standards [MSS] have been adopted! Now what?!?

With the MSS adopted just one month ago, the Michigan Math Science Center Network is already providing regional centers with various levels of implementation support under the 99.6 grant named TESLA. Because the AMA/Iosco region is currently without a Science Consultant, we are working with state-wide connections to offer that support in our area.

Until that timeline has been confirmed, you can get more information about the MSS by exploring the following links:

MDE Guidance Support for the MSS



MSTA - conference March 4-5 - deadline for stipends to attend is 12/11!!

Reading to Learn in Science - FREE online course by Stanford University, starts 1/6/16

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EarthEcho International Youth Leadership Council

Do you teach an environmentally-focused group of high schoolers? If so, share this unique opportunity with them!

EarthEcho International invites young environmental leaders ages 15-22 to apply for the inaugural EarthEcho International Youth Leadership Council! This exciting program will give up to 15 young people the unique opportunity to provide valuable insight and expertise from a youth perspective to the development of EarthEcho International’s programs, lead initiatives to engage young people in conservation work in their communities, and develop programs to help support EarthEcho’s mission of inspiring young people worldwide to act now for a sustainable future! Through this role, Youth Leadership Council members will have the opportunity to serve in an advisory capacity and gain an understanding of the operations of an international non-profit organization, help expand the impact of EarthEcho’s programs, interact with leaders in the fields of conservation, education, and service-learning, and gain access to experts and resources to explore personal conservation interests. Applications for this program are due December 31, 2015 and can be accessed here, along with complete program details. Questions? Contact Sean Russell at

AMA/Iosco Mathematics and Science Center - Director Mary Christensen-Cooper

The AMA/Iosco Math Science Center is one of the 33 regional centers in the Michigan Mathematics and Science Centers Network. These centers provide leadership, curriculum support, professional development, and student services to educators in local school districts. The centers also serve as a resource clearinghouse for educational information, and work to foster community involvement in the areas of mathematics and science. The Network supports the delivery of high quality mathematics and science education for the students of Michigan. The long-term mission of the Center is to foster systemic improvements in mathematics and science education.

The Director of the AMA/Iosco Math Science Center is Math Curriculum Specialist, Mary Christensen-Cooper.