The Power of Us

Creating a Brighter future...Together!

You are warmly invited to join us on Sunday the 30th of June from 2 - 5pm
At Global Co-operation House, London, NW10 2HH

For an afternoon of experiential workshops, panel discussion and meditation.

Meet young like minded people, enjoy a peaceful and friendly atmosphere and come and explore
'The Power of Us'

We will be joined by 3 special guests - Ash Patel, Soraya Ramjane and Farah Mohammoud
for an inspiring afternoon
If you'd like to join us, please note that the event is free of charge.

Please see the leaflet below for more details and don't hesitate
to circulate the invitation.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Please click here to register online

or call: 020 8727 3418

and see who's coming:

London BK Youth Team

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