Chavez Eagle Express

Week of Sept. 22, 2014


Definition: Showing or feeling honor; to show consideration, esteem to one another.

PTA Bicycle Rodeo--Tuesday, Sept. 23, 5:45pm

The PTA Bicycle Rodeo will take place this Tuesday, Sept 23, beginning at 5:45. This is a great opportunity for families to brush up on bicycle safety. This will take place in the north parking lot next to the gym and cafeteria. This is a hands on event as students will be driving their bicycles through actual safety drills and courses. Little Elm Police and Fire Department will be our instructors for the evening. It is a big thrill for our students to interact with our Firemen and Policemen. Not only is it a fun event but our PTA will have delicious ice cream available.


Hope to see a great turnout for WATCHDOGS Pizza Night this Tuesday after the Bicycle Rodeo.

4th and 5th Grade Students Excited About New Chromebooks !

We saw many smiles on our 4th and 5th grade students as they received their brand new Chromebooks this past week. A big thank you goes out to our School Board and Administration for providing our students with the tools to be successful in todays world. Keeping up with their Chromebooks is a big responsibility which we will continue to remind our students about throughout the year. Chromebooks are tools for thinking, creating and analyzing. It is much more than finding the latest games to play. Login to Edmodo and find out what your students are learning.

Cookie Dough Fundraiser--Sept. 12--29

Our annual Cookie Dough Fundraiser kicked off this past Friday. Our students are excited as there are some cool prizes to earn. The Chavez community has always been so generous when it comes to supporting out school fundraisers. We appreciate your generous support and enthusiasm. These funds will be used for teacher training, technology needs and classroom supplies.


Kindergarten--Mrs. Cain

Gabe Diaz

Evelynn Parnell

1st Grade--Mrs. Cassell

Kaleb Barr

Cozette Manus

2nd Grade--Mrs. Wilson

Kennedy Capizi

Tristen Fielder

3rd Grade--Ms. Slifer

Queniyah Smith

Logan Priest

4th Grade--Mrs. Pruitt

Leo Amsilah

Alexandra Gutierrez

5th Grade--Mrs. Jacques

Natalie Brown

Jason Gonzalez


* Please use the crosswalk to walk across traffic lanes. Drivers know to watch for crossing traffic at the crosswalks.

* Do not leave cars unattended in any traffic lane. If you must please park in the parking lot.

* Only drop off and pick up students on the inside lane. It is dangerous for students to cross traffic lanes from the outside lane.

* Please do not exceed 5 miles per hour in the traffic lanes. Some of our students are so small that you cannot see them in front of or behind your car.

* Be calm and anticipate traffic delays when you are in a hurry. The safety of all our students depends on all of us doing our part.

Once again, thank you so much for your patience and making safety a priority.

5th Grade Science Camp--October 14,15, & 16

Just want to remind our 5th grade parents that Science Camp is only three weeks away.( Oct 14, 15, & 16) Payments for camp are due by Oct 3. You may access further information at the link below.


Sept 23 PTA Bicycle Rodeo ----6:00

SEPT 23 Watchdog Pizza Night 7:30--8:00

Sept 24--4th grade Field Trip--UNT

Sept 25--Student Pictures-Lifetouch

Sept 29--All Cookie Dough Money due

Sept 29--Reflections Begins

Oct 9-- Bounce House Rewards--Gym & Game Truck (during specials)

Oct 10--½ day Early Release

Oct 10--PTA Movie Night

Oct 13--Staff Development

Oct 15, 16, 17 Camp Jolt

Oct 20-24 Parent Conferences

Oct 20-24 Bookfair

Oct 21--Donuts for Dads

Oct 22 Cookie Dough Delivery

Oct 24 Awards Assembly

Oct 27--Oct 31 Red Ribbon Week

Oct 31---Fairy Tale Parade

Dec 12--4th Grade Field Trip to State Capitol--Austin