Religions of the world

The five main religions of the world


Hinduism is the major religion in the Indian subcontinent . Hinduism is polytheistic meaning they have many gods . Some of the gods include :





The two main concepts of Hinduism are dharma and karma . Dharma is doing what's right . And is the core for all belives in the Hindu tradition . Karma means actions . The basic idea for karma is that if you do something positive than something positive will come back to you . If you do something negative than something negitive will come back to you . Some of the holidays for Hindus include :


Pongal (south India )

Krishna jayanti (Krishna's birthday )


Islam is the second most practiced religion in the world next to Christianity . Islam is monotheistic meaning Muslims belive in only one god . The god that they worship is Allah . They believe that no other god exist . They belive that Allah has no brothers or sisters . There holy book is the Quran . Some holidays for Muslims are :


Day of Arafat

Eid - al -Fitr .


Christianity is the most practiced religion in the world . The biggest population of Christians are located in the United States . Christians are monotheistic . Christians worship Jesus Christ . There holy book is the Bible . Some holidays include :


Easter ( Passover )


Judaism is the least practiced religion in the world . There are only 14 million Jews around the world . Judaism is monotheistic . Elohim is the god that Jews worship . The

Holy book of Jews is the Hebrew bible . Some holidays include

Rosh Hashanah


Yom Kippur


Buddhism is the 5th most practiced religion in the world . Buddeism is monotheistic . They believe in the 4 noble truths and the eight noble paths . They worship Buddha . There holy book is the Tipitaka .

Some holidays include :



Magha Puja