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Spotlight on Strategies and Virtual Field Trips

Have you checked out DE's SOS or VFTs?

If you haven't checked them out, you should. We tend to use DE's videos, assessment features and Board Builder, but forget that they have other awesome features. Be sure to check them out when you have some time. If you'd like me to visit one of your grade level meetings to talk about these features, just holler!

Spotlight on Strategies (SOS)

SOS are creative, research-based instructional strategies, presented by teachers for teachers. They have a featured SOS each day! These simple instructional strategies incorporate digital media in meaningful, effective and practical ways. These would be great to integrate higher order thinking skills into your "in-class flipping" or "modified flipping."

Click here to check out SOS! (It will prompt you to login.)

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Virtual Field Trips (VFT)

Take your students beyond the classroom walls and into some of the world's most iconic locations for rich and immersive learning experiences - no permission slips required!

Below you will see this month's scheduled VFTs. Click on the events to learn more. You will also notice a tab for "Archived Events." You have the ability to view live or past trips. You can submit questions prior to the live events that DE may answer during the VFT. You will also find classroom activities that will extend student learning before or after the virtual field trip.

How do I get to these features?

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To Access SOS & VFT

  1. Click the Professional Learning tab on your DE homepage.
  2. Spotlight on Strategies and Virtual Field Trip Archives can both be found in the Strategies & Resources column.

To Access VFT Calendar

  1. Click on the orange Events Calendar button.

I would love to receive an invitation to see these features in action!