we will ensure justice is served

Are you trying to get an appeal? Did you verdict not goes as planned?

We are here to help you, if you are pondering over these questions thinking "yes" then we are the business for you! If you have already went threw your pretrial conference and are preparing for your trial, we are here to help you. We will pursue the mediation! We are here for justice! We will prove our preponderance business is worth it.


-The plaintiff must be a resident of the state for two years
- defendant must have a viable evidence for their trial

- If you are filing a complaint please have all evidence and reports ready

- be prepared to plead your case

- the use of arbitration is required to settle any dispute

Contact information

Cell phone: (919)-555-5555

Company number: 1(800)-jus-tice

Email: Brandy1321@gmail.com