Sravya Boppuri

Sophmore Finance Major

This is a compilation of pictures and videos that best represent me and my personality. The aesthetic of this collage is very homely, artsy and simplistic. I am a very approachable person who loves to help people, so I tried to created a homely calm vibe through this collage. Also I tried to incorporate some artsy touches, because I have always been fond of photography and camera work, which I am trying to get into, and I think my involvement in student media (UTD TV) has played a major role in that. Furthermore, I am a huge advocate of the simple but powerful aesthetic, because I believe that for everything and everyone, underneath the outer appearance, there is always a deeper meaning/ story. All in all, I am a person who loves to serve my community and get involved on campus to share my experiences with others.
October 2nd Newscast


Volunteer for life

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Organized/ Meticulous

Beginning at a young age, I have always put a lot of effort into making sure whatever I was doing to be of good quality. Being an organized person has helped me to balance and keep track of all my school work and life. This is a quality I know that I can pass onto others, because it has helped me tremendously in college.

Health Nut/ Youtube Fanatic

Healthy Snack Ideas: Avocado Toast! Teddy Bear Toast!
I have started to become more health conscious as I entered college, and to get innovative food or fitness ideas, I look to Youtube. This social media has always inspired me and uplifted me because of the light-hearted Youtubers on there. This has helped me to gain alot of knowledge in my interest areas and made me realize how to live a healthy and confident life.