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Classification Order

Kingdom - Animalia
Phylum - Chordata

Class - Mammalia
Order - Cetacea
Family - monodontidae
Genus - Monodon
Species - monoceros

What are their relatives?

The Narwhal is closely related to the whale and the dolphin


Narwhals live in the icy waters of the artic seas. In the winter they live in deep-water beneath the ice in groups of 5-10. In the summer they migrate to shallow grounds where they form larger groups.

What and how does a natwhal eat?

Narwhals are sort of like a vacuum they suck up their food and chew it with their teeth which includes squid, Greenland halibut, shrimp, Arctic cod, rockfish, flounder, and crab.

Social Animals?

Narwals are considered very social and are commonly found in pods of 3 to 20 animals. They hunt food in a group and help protect the young.

How does the narwhal move?

A narwhal moves by a combination of steering, and emitting and evaluating sounds. It can move 2-6 miles per hour. Narwhals generally move slowly, but are known to be remarkably quick when chased by predators.

How big is a narwhal?

A narwhal is on average 3,500 pounds and 13-18 feet

Who are the predators?

The main predators of the narwhale is the polar bear and the orca. I uses its famous horn, which is actually a tooth, to defend itself.

Interesting facts

The Narwhal os one of the few animals that stays in the arctic year round

The tusk can grow up to 10 feet long

Only 15% of females have a tusk

The tusk can bend almost a foot without breaking

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