The Best Day Ever

Axhel Arellano

This day will be the best day ever because it was my birthday.So i get from my bed like a normal day.But i forgot it was my birthday.Until I get to my parents room they're all singing the song.Then my dad said ''Get change we're leaving.'' I said '' Were are we going?'' In a ugly voice he said '' Don't ask!''

Then I when to change and after 5 minutes everyone was ready to go so we left.We were going to the mall.First, my dad started with my mom.He got her some jeans.Then my brother he got a shirt.Next was my sister she got a toy.

Finally what I was waiting for my turn.But the only problem was that we left the mall.We were going some where I don't know.We get down and we go to the dog place and he got me a dog also a soccer ball.I was so happy I don't think I can forget that day.

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