Third Grade Hornet Happenings

Mrs. Dozier's Class

Parent Corner: Week of January 11th

Happy New Year!!!!

IPAD Policy

Please be sure that your child comes to school prepared with their iPad. It needs to come to school charged and ready to be used. Otherwise, students are considered unprepared for the day and that counts as a violation. After 3 violations the iPad stays at school for the remainder of the nine week grading period. This way it is certain that the student will be prepared with their iPad. The student will be given another opportunity to display responsibility the next 9 weeks. The iPads are used periodically throughout the day in different subject areas. Sometimes students test on the iPads. We do not have extra iPads in the classroom.


1. No iPad

2. iPad not Charged

3. Passcode set on iPad (Teachers must have assess to all iPads)

4. Inappropriate pictures

5. Off task (ex- unapproved site)

6. Other - as determined by teacher

Wish List

We are in desperate need of the following:
  • Tissues
  • Hand sanitizer
  • #2 pencils

Any donations are appreciated. Thanks

Multiplication Super Bowl - Wear Green & White !!!!!

On February 5th the third grade classes will compete against each other in the Multiplication SuperBowl. Our class will be the Philadelphia Eagles - after my hometown : ) Continue to learn and practice your facts so that we can be Victorious! I know you can do it.

Multiplication Sundaes

Please drill your child on multiplication facts regularly. Drills are 1 minute. Each drill they pass earns them a piece to their ice cream sundae. We will drill on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Keep Practicing!!!

Look What We're Learning!

  • Math: Arithmetic Patterns in Addition and Multiplication; Solving Multiplication and Division Word Problems

  • ELA: Reader's Workshop, Verbs, and Opinion Writing

  • Social Studies: Causes of the American Revolution; Perspectives & Roles of SC during the American Revolution

  • Science: Heat and Energy: Properties of Matter

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