Read-A-Thon A Huge Success!

Way to Go Chester Readers!

It’s official!

The 2014 Ed Foundation Read–A-Thon was a huge success! We celebrate our young readers who together logged 115,645 minutes, almost doubling the results from last year! We thank the parents, friends, principals, and teachers who supported the students and their efforts to raise more than $11,000! This fundraising effort will continue to provide funding for grants, purchases of technology to support innovative classroom learning programs, new school clubs, and more!

Top Readers & Award Winners

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Congratulations to the following classes for achieving the highest pledge rate of their grade.

They have been awarded $100 Amazon gift cards.

  • Pre K and Kindergarten: Miss Diviney
  • 1st Grade: Mrs. Donlon
  • 2nd Grade: Mrs. Tonnessen
  • 3rd Grade: Mrs. Militante
  • 4th Grade: Miss Bussel
  • 5th Grade: Mrs. Gau
  • 6th Grade: Mrs. Mullen

Congratulations to the following classes for achieving the highest participation (50%) rates in the entire district:

Mrs. Bartlett and Mrs. Spurr (both 2nd grade). They will each be awarded an iPad for their classroom.

Congratulations to the following Top 3 readers in each grade.

These students have each been awarded a medal and special prize. Additionally, the Top Reader (1st Place) in each grade has been awarded a $25 Amazon gift card!

  • Pre K: Will Madinabeitia (1st) and Chloe Downs (2nd)
  • Kindergarten: Kendrah Militante (1st), Chelsea Pappas (2nd), and Anna Connolly (3rd)
  • 1st Grade: Caroline Collins (1st), Emily Madinabeitia (2nd), and Natalie Manibay (3rd)
  • 2nd Grade: Jessica Pappas (1st), Alex Russo (2nd), and Grace Shoulberg (3rd) Honorable mention to Ryan Turner, Maddie Hardy and Megan Turner
  • 3rd Grade: Claire Collins (1st), Sienna Laracca (2nd), and Elizabeth Shoulberg (3rd) Honorable mention to Harry Tomasco and Jillian Kaplan
  • 4th Grade: Danny Christensen (1st), Jacob Hardy (2nd), and Sydney Pappas (3rd) Honorable mention to Elinor Hughes and Max Meisner
  • 5th Grade: Sofia Kaparis (1st), Gavin Tomasco (2nd), and Jake Fletcher (3rd)
  • 6th Grade: Alvin Cheng (1st), Amelia Cangialosi (2nd) and Abigail Giarusso (3rd)

The 2014 Education Foundation’s raffle winners are:

Emily Madinabeitia (Kindle Fire), Daniel Catrambone ($10 Barnes and Noble gift card), Octavio Quinn (iPad mini) and Jacob Hardy (2 Devils tickets).

Congratulations to all of our readers!!

Thank you!

The Educational Foundation of the Chesters wishes to thank the parents, teachers, and principals who support our children every day and who have made this program a huge success. The ultimate goal of the Read-A-Thon is to foster a life-long love of reading, and the children of Chester are well on their way!

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