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How is Hemophilia Inherited.

If the mother is carrying the Hemophilia than the son would have a 50% chance of getting Hemophilia.

How is it caused.

Hemophilia is caused by genetic mutation. The X Chromosome is affected by Hemophilia.

What symptoms happen when you have Hemophilia.

Sudden pain

Extreme fatigue

Nose bleeds

Neck pain

Joints are tight

Excessive bleeding

Deep bruises

Blood in urine

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What population is affected.

This disorder is very rare only about 20,000 people in America get it. 400 babies are born with it every year. So you will most likely not have it.

What kind of medications are there.

Ainocaprioc Acid is one of the many medications you can take to help Hemophilia. You can also go to certain people to help you with Hemophilia.

Can this be prevented.

No this can not be prevented because it is inherited from a gene from your parents. So their is nothing really to prevent it.


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