Problems at home? Come to Texas; it's the place to be!!!

Why should you come to Texas?

  • Texas offers land for 12.5 cents an acre. That's unheard of!
  • Texas has no taxes. Less money you have to pay, the more money you have.
  • Texas allows livestock to roam free. No longer will they have to be cooped up in those little pens.
  • Texas has rich soil that is good for farming and there is enough to go around.
  • Depending on where you decide to live, you could have less bad weather than at your home now!

Why should you leave your home?

  • Poverty: There is more land to grow crops in Texas, so everyone can provide for their families.
  • Social Discrimination: Texas can be your fresh start.
  • Conscription: In Texas, military service is optional.
  • Economic Downturn: Texas has a bright economic future.
  • High Taxes: Texas has no taxes, so you have more money in your pocket.