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Presidents and World Leaders

Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry Truman were the two Presidents during this time. 1940's was a time during the Great Depression.Truman took over after the sudden death of Roosevelt. Eduardo Daladier was the prime Minister of France. Joseph Stalin was the Dictator of USSR. Winston Churchill was the prime minister of the United Kingdom. The president as Chiang Kai Shek was the president of China at this time. Adolf Hitler was chancellor of Germany and began WWII. Mao Tse Tung became a Chinese communist.

Important Laws and Decisions and Supreme Court Decisions

Many Laws were taken to order

  • Serviceman& Apollos Readjustment Act (G.I. Bill)- Gave benefits to Soldiers coming back from the war.
  • Another bill was passed to provided scholarships and grants for colleges for soldiers this is still in effect today
  • The Jim Crow Laws were started to stop segregation manly in the south.
  • Hirabayashi v.s united states a presidential gave rights to exclude Japanese

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Important Events of World War II

Sept. 1, 1939- WWII begins

Sept. 3, 1939- Britain and France declare war on Germany

May 10, 1940- Battle of France

June 22, 1940- France signs armistice with Germany

July 10, 1940- Oct. 31, 1940- Battle of Britain

Mar. 11, 1941- Roosevelt signs Lend-Lease Act

Dec. 7, 1941- Attack on Pearl Harbor

Dec. 8, 1941- US and Britain declare war on Japan

Dec. 11, 1941- Hitler declares war on US

June 6, 1944- D-Day

Apr. 30, 1945- Hitler commits suicide

May 8, 1945- Germany surrenders

Aug. 14 1945- Japan surrenders. WWII ends

Leaders of War

There were many leaders of this war, but some of them played major roles in the outcome of this war. General Dwight D. Eisenhower -led Allied forces in Europe during World War II. Lt. Gen. James Gavin -was a noted American airborne commander during World War II. Serving in, then leading the 82nd Airborne Division, Gavin took part in all of the division's major actions during the war. General Douglas MacArthur -was a noted American commander during the 20th century. Distinguished himself during World War I, Commanded Allied forces in the Southwest Pacific during World War II.


The major technological changes during this time period were the first computer, which was made to help the military pinpoint where they should focus their attacks. Next the space program was really taking off. They sent fruit flies and then later experimented by sending monkeys into space to see if they would survive.

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Living standards and lifestyle

Living costs in the 1940's are nothing like today. When the beginning of the 1940's the depression was still hitting hard. The unemployment rate was high and the standard of living was rough. Once the U.S. became involved in WWII the economy was immediately boosted. Men were in the service and women were in factories creating war supplies. Since resources were limited, back home families were forced to ration goods such as gas, sugar, meat, silk, shoes, nylon, and tires. With the limits on the amount of food per week it was difficult for a family to make a nutritious meal very often. After the war ended and men came home, they took their jobs back and the economy was boosted, and this led to the baby boom. Women worked very hard to get rid of the stereotypical way men thought of the women, and the way women thought of other women. While men were off to war the women were the ones who helped produce aluminum ( metal) for the airplanes.


Movies- Award Winners Actors during this era are Bing Crosby, and James Cagney. For the Actresses winners Loretta Young, Joan Crawford, and Ginger Rogers. Award winning movies Casablanca,Rebecca, The Lost Weekend, and many more. Movies in the 1940's were influenced by World War 2.

Music-Major song types are the Big Band which includes multiple people, and corners which were male vocalist alone. Music was on a down at this point, because of the war. Some went on strike and some went into the war.(The song on the slide is This Land is Your Land- Woody Guthrie)

Television- Was greatly hit by the war. It was shut down due to it, but was started back up once it was over. Television was black and white and had comedy shows, music, commentaries, and news. (The TV show is superman)


Had finally broken the color barrier and we now enjoy athletes of all nationalities. We accept all achievements from anyone. Sports was largely the same as now except with a lot more rules. Back then people really just played because they loved it, but now lots of athletes just play for the money and fame.

Famous People

  • Walt Disney- pioneer and innovator who transformed entertainment industry contributed to 1940's by his inspiration of optimism, creativity, individuality, perseverance, and imagination. He won 22 academy awards and is the creator of Disneyland and Disney World.
  • Picasso- helped create an art movement known as cub is very influential even though he was not a good student Some famous artworks include: Asleep, Blue Nude, and Three Musicians
  • Steinbeck- fought for workers rights and illustrated conditions of migrant workers works dealt with social and economic problems Works- “The Grapes of Wrath” “Of Mice and Men” Earned a Pulitzer Prize in 1940
  • Richard Wright- wrote about discrimination and racial violence and was obsessed with Communism proved you can overcome adversity he struggled with poverty Author of “Black Boy” and “Native Son”
  • Anne Frank- 13 year old Jewish girl during Holocaust who was forced into hiding and eventually caught and sent to a concentration camp kept a diary of experiences which was later found after her death