Garden City High School Library

September 2015 Update

Welcome Back To School!

Mrs. Calemmo and Mrs. Sergi welcome you to the Garden City High School Library. We have lots of exciting things happening in the library and we look forward to sharing a great year with you! We have been bringing the crowds into the library. Over the course of one short month we had 7,331 students sign in to use the library using the automated, LibraryTrac program. Who knows what October will bring...Stop by and find out!

What Is The Quiet Study Area?

With the extremely large crowds coming in during the lunch periods we have designated the front area of the library a "quiet study area" for students that need to work silently and independently or in small study groups. Please help us to spread the word about the "quiet study area" and remind all students about proper behavior when in the library.

The Chrome Carts Are Here!

We are happy to report that the library has two Chromecarts available for teachers to "checkout" for use in their classrooms, or in the library. Please see your librarians for more information!
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