Change of Plans for Next Week...


Good Afternoon, Families!

On our school calendar for this year, you may have noticed that we had scheduled Parent-Teacher conferences for next Thursday and Friday, with a noon dismissal both days. We WILL NOT be doing conferences these days. We WILL have full school days all next week. Let me tell you why...

Since we are having to go to remote learning after next week, we do not want to take away 2 precious afternoons of in-person instruction time with the kids during our 5 remaining days on site. With that being said, we definitely want to give parents an update on how students are doing academically, as we hit the half way point of the trimester and are launching into remote learning for a while. Additionally, we have the MAP data to give to families for the students in grades 2 - 8, who took it last week. So, here is the plan:

  • Next week, we will keep the kids in session for full days from Monday - Friday.
  • On Friday, Oct. 23rd, we will also send home Progress Reports for all grades and MAP data for grades 2 - 8.
  • We will then have Parent-Teacher conferences via Zoom on Monday, Nov. 16th and Tuesday, Nov. 17th. The trimester ends on Friday, Dec. 4th.
  • Please sign up for a Zoom conference at the links below:

Please remember, there is no school for grades 1 - 8 tomorrow for a staff in-service day.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Katie Dempsey

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