Arabic 1 Thursday أكتوبر 5 الخميس

Lesson 5 Review - الدرس الخامس

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Help me give LOUD virtual clap to.......

Josie C, Rebecca E, Megan J, Sarah S and Yacob Y for forming words and connecting letters in their coaching sessions. MOMTAZ مُمتاز (excellent) ya shabab!

Make sure to share some of these pictures with your friends and family as they will be amazed to see you writing, reading and translating sentences in Arabic. Have you attended your coaching this week?

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The Midterm Exam is around the corner. So Let's Review Lesson 5

  • Next week is RECOVERY week. This means no new assignment, and you get to take a deep breath to dive in for a thorough review for lesson 1-5
  • Make sure that you submit all missing work for lessons 1 through lesson 5.
  • This includes all assignments, quizzes, and coaching sessions. If you missed a coaching session, please make it up as soon as possible or listen to archives.
يا الله يا شباب, Yallah, I look forward to grading all your NEW and PAST DUE assignments!
Arabic 1 Due Date Calendar- MUST Print


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Do you know how to say "NO" - Let's Review L.5 Grammar

The letter alif+laam=لا which mean "no". أنا لا أريد كلب

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Let's Review Lesson 5 Vocabulary

Click to access Lesson 5 Vocabulary video!

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Still Having Trouble With Vocabulary? Let's play games.

Click to practice lesson 5 vocabulary

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Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have questions or concerns.