GCSE Knowledge Check

Advanced Searching, Mobile Devices, Data

Advanced Searching

Advanced Search

Advanced searching allows you to add extra information or detail into the search engine in order to refine the search and get better results

Boolean Searching

This is where key words such as AND and OR are used to refine a search, for example, 'fish and chips' would only bring up items with both fish and chips in, 'fish or chips' would only bring up items with either fish or chips in.

Exact Phrase

'Exact phrase' means that an article will only appear if it has the exact wording that was searched for.

Mobile Devices

QR Code

Quick reference code. This scans the code so that a secret phrase or word will appear. They can also be links to websites.

Internet connectivity from Mobile phones

There are different ways to get internet connectivity.

-GPS (satellite navigation).


Infra- Red Data Transfer

Disadvantages are that it doesn't travel through objects including walls, and only travels a certain distance. The transfer can also be very slow.



Bandwidth is the amount of data that can be transferred. A bigger bandwidth allows more data to transferred, at a faster pace.


Latency is the amount of drag or delay between sound and picture. For example on skype video call and facetime.


Buffering is when a video or image is loading, for example on YouTube.