November Newsletter

Hot off the press

Feeling Very Thankful

This is my favorite time of the year! The weather is mild her in Florida. Not too hot, not too cold. This opens up more room around my house and yard for our family immediate, extended family and friends to get together on Thanksgiving Day. My house is the host home for Thanksgiving so we provide the meat and some of the desserts and each additional family brings a covered dish.

After we have all eaten way to much we sit outside or on the porch and watch the kids play. This gives the Adults some time to catch up and socialize with other members of the family we don't get to see everyday. It is a great time to share all of my favorite products melaleuca offers too.

Don't Forget the First Aid Kit... just in case you burn yourself taking those pies out of the oven.

It's all about sharing

This time of year is all about sharing. Many of us will be sharing food and our time with family and friends and with those who are less fortunate. It is not about the presents or keeping up with the neighbors. It is all about the FOOD and family.

Have a very happy and blessed November and Thanksgiving.