Mountains N' Flat lands

Andrew Clements

Scholastic INC.

January 2010


Character Desciption

Abby Carson - Abby lives on a farm in Linsdale, Illinois she is 12 she has dark brown eyes and black hair. She is having bad grades and had to do an extra credit project to pass. She also loves rock climbing.

Sadeed Bayat - Sadeed is a Afghan boy who lives in Afghanistan he is 12 him and his family have a business their. He is top of his class and is an excellent writer. His language is Dari. Sadeed relates to Abby because Sadeed is the person Abby has to write to for her project.

Amira Bayat - Amira is Sadeed's younger sister she is ten they live in the village of Bahar-Lan she has a family of 4. Amira is the person who writes some of the letters that Abby receives.

Abby Carson is the main character.

The Plot

Abby sends Sadeed letters telling each other about themselves. Abby love rock climbing and loves mountains but she lives in Illinois so it's flat and she can't climb. Sadeed says the mountains in Afghanistan are a pain. Sadeed has to translate the letters into english for his sister. Sadeed secretly sends Abby letters talking more about him. Abby put up a Afghan flag for her project and one of the kids felt offended about it and it got taken down. Sadeed was walking home and a guy approached him and didn't like the american flags on Abby's letter and tore the letter up. Sadeed sent one more letter to Abby and Abby turned in her project. The book starts by Abby having to do an extra credit project. Abby sends letters back and forth. Abby gets hatred from a classmate and has to take her flag down. She is told she can't send letters anymore. She can't send anymore letters so she tells her teacher and her teacher says she has enough letters to present. Sadeed sent one last letter explaining why he hasn't sent in a while.


Abby has bads grades and needs to raise them by getting a b or higher on all of her tests and homework and she has to do and extra credit project to pass 6th grade. She has to send letters to people in afghanistan and has to do a presentation.

Title Explanation

The title is important because it is what Abby has to do. It is what the whole book is about. Another good title is Passing Grade because she needs to get one to pass 6th grade.

Book Review

The book was interesting and it was interesting to learn about afghanistan. It was good because it was cool to learn about many things. It was bad because I wish Abby would've traveled to Afghanistan and met Sadeed.