Is the Bible Hate Speech?

Ephesians 6:12

From the desk of Pastor Brandon Huber

Good Afternoon!

I just wanted to take a moment and THANK everyone for the prayers, the support and the financial donations that have come in for our legal fund.

Back in June when we were faced with the decision to end our partnership with the food bank, we had no clue what it was going to evolve into. When I look at the entire situation, I can honestly say that I am honored and blessed that God would use this situation to make a stand for Him.

Every day, we keep pushing forward to get the word out the best we can, but now we need you to help spread the word! The time for us to stand is now and we must stand UNITED behind the truth of God’s word and stand for Him.

In November the Montana Daily Gazette held a God, Country, and Family Tour at Clinton Community Bible Church and during the event myself and my attorney Matthew Monforton gave short messages on what transpired and where we were at in the case at that time. See videos below

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In the past few weeks, I have taken some time off to rest and spend time with my family. If we allow situations to take over our life, we forget those around us. My time off was much needed for both myself and my family.

Without going into the details our of our case I can let you know that in the past few weeks we have amended our complaint (see attached) and have also sent out subpoenas and summons to different organizations that are involved. We are still not sure of a court date but when that is scheduled I will be sure to reach out to you all and let you know.

The biggest surprise was found by my attorney and that was an article that was written by Inman in May of 2021. Unless you have an Inman account you will not be able to view the article.

There are several statements contained within the article including this one

Another committee member, Rick Fioretti, wondered if quoting directly from scriptures without offering an interpretation could possibly run afoul of 10-5. Other committee members pointed out that the case interpretation specifically says that “his statement was based on his interpretation of the Biblical scripture,” but others pressed Difanis for a direct answer on whether simply quoting scripture could violate the hate speech policy.

Because religion is not a safe harbor, “it is possible that somebody’s reading something, word for word, if it otherwise rose to the level of harassing speech, hate speech, epithets or slurs, could still be a violation of Article 10,” Difanis said.

It leads me to believe that the National Association of Realtors (NAR) knew what they were doing and knew what was going to happen when the first situation arose. Well, here we are, now we shall see what happens!

NotoriousROB wrote an article that really lays out the case to where everyone can understand what is actually going on. You can read the article here!

In closing, again I want you thank you for your support. I ask that every believer stand in prayer! Over the past month I have seen, read, and heard the importance of this case from all of you. I have tried to reach out to everyone that has sent an email, letter, text, or message through social media. There may have been some that I have missed and for that please accept my apologies.

Below you will find the different ways to help with our case. MOST IMPORTANLTY though, I ask you as believers to please continue to PRAY. Through all of this the very most important thing is prayer.

Other ways to help us get the word out.

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3. Any media requests need to be sent to my attorney at:

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If there is anything that you need as well, PLEASE reach out to me!


Pastor Brandon Huber