Genomic/Genetic Testing

By: Ciara Jackson

Describing Genomic Testing:

Genetic/Genomic Testing is often used to check for breast cancer and other likely diseases that are related to breast cancer.

How Genomic Testing is important to humans and society:

My topic "Genomic Testing" is important to humans and society by how it fits our Breast Cancer and Heredity Disease before it can get any more worse than it is.

How Genomic Testing affects my peers or myself:

How my topic affects my peers or myself is by the fact that we may or may not need to have Genomic Testing or Heredity Disease in our future because of problems with our body. Another reason is, we could have family members or friends who could have to get Genomic Testing because the doctor had noticed something wrong.

How long my research has been conducted on Genomic Testing:

How long my research has been conducted on this topic has gone from Thursday, September 3rd-Monday, September 7th.

How Genomic Testing is related to other areas of science:

My topic is almost the same as Genetic Testing, but, this topic talks and focuses more on Breast Cancer. Genetic Testing is information about a person's genes and chromosomes throughout life.

All the ethical concerns in Genomic Testing:

All ethical concerns to deal with my topic are having the testing go wrong and have what they thought was Breast Cancer something other than that. Even though Genomic Testing has been going on for a long time, something could go wrong and end badly for the person who is getting the testing.

More information about Genomic Testing:

My opinion on what the future of Genomic Testing is that it would play a huge role in Breast Cancer risk and awareness, and treatment in the future. It may even help more problems in the human body later in the future.