Rylie macInnis

from watching vidoes on how to get concussions and reachercing a bounch of reacherche about concussions i learned alot and today you will find out all the intressting things that i learned on how to get a concussion or ways to get a concussion and maybe also some symptomes of concussions

ways to get a concussion

now your probaly wondering what a concussion is and right now i am going to tell you . A concussion is a head ingery that has some syptoms like dizzynes . Also if the concussion is really bad or serius some people can die because of concussions. thats why its so impotant to be safe and to be carfule anywhere .

ways to get a concussion

now im going to tell you ways to get a concussion . first i think the most commen way to get a concussion is from sports because there is alot of body contact in sports . but here are some other ways to get a concussion like for an example hitting your head hard of somthing , falling , sleding, runing into a pole and many other ways .


there are lots of symptoms that happend to you when you get a concussion. now im gonna tell you some of the symptoms that i know when getting a concussion . there are feeling dizzy, sleepynes, meomory loss , bad hearing and lots more .


in conclusion i think that it is important to be carfule all the time ecpecialy when it comes to concussions because if its bad enguogh you could die from a concussion . concussions are seirius save yourself and be carfule when sleding runing and even walking . they can lead to concussions .
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