Taylor Homes

Academic and Athletic Profile

Critical Information

Graduation Year: 2016
High School: Wahoo High School, 2201 North Locust
Birthdate: June 9, 1997
Email: khomesteammates@live.com
Cell Phone: 402-277-0274
Address: 1855 N Walnut, Wahoo, NE 68066
Parents: Brian and Kim Homes (402-429-1311-cell)
GPA: 4.0
Career Goal: Occupational Therapist

Academic Achievements


  • High Honor roll since fourth grade (no A- each semester, all A's and A+)
  • Ranked fourth out of 66 students
  • I was chosen to attend "Sophomore Leaders for MS Outdoor Education Trip." A field trip to assist middle school students in learning about science.
  • Recognized at Academic Honors Night by instructors at the end of the year as a Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior years.
  • I am a member of National Honor Society and I am an officer on Student Council.
  • I support the Red Cross by volunteering and donating blood.


I attended Northwest Missouri State my first semester as a Freshman. Unfortunately, it was not the right fit. I attended Nebraska Wesleyan second semester and realized I wanted to become an Occupational Therapist. I absolutely loved Wesleyan. I considered playing volleyball, but they they are in a conference that requires a lot of travel. I became aware of the fast track OT program at College of Saint Mary and have always had the goal of playing volleyball in college. I am confident College of Saint Mary will finally be the perfect fit for me.

  • 4.0 Northwest Missouri State (first semester Freshman)
  • 4.0 Nebraska Wesleyan (second semester Freshman)

Clubs and Organizations


  • Student Council
  • National Honor Society
  • Circle of Friends
  • Varsity Volleyball (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior)


  • Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority

Athletic Statistics

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 160
Reach: 7'4"
Approach: 9'3"
Block: 8'9"
Handed: Right
Jersey #: 14

"My goal, since I was in third grade, is to play volleyball at the college level. I also have a dream of coaching volleyball at the high school level."

*Highlight video below is from January to March 2015 in club volleyball with Nebraska Impact and newspaper article attached below.
*Stats listed below were acquired from MaxPrep

Coach Contact Information

Omaha Starlings (one club season):

Shannon Walker (Club coach and Omaha North coach)


Nebraska Impact Club Volleyball Coaches (three club seasons)
Mary Mozena (Club coach and Weeping Water coach)
(402) 297-9842

"It has been my pleasure having the opportunity to coach Taylor Homes. She a middle hitter on our club volleyball team at Nebraska Impact Volleyball. This is her third year with our club and has been a great addition to our team. She is a great TEAM player and works very hard to be the very best in whatever she does. Her integrity on and off the court is commendable. She is a straight A student and works very hard to maintain those grades in school. Taylor has been a wonderful addition to our team and was an integral part as to why our team was able to qualify for the Girls JNC tournament for the first time ever, which was held in Minneapolis, MN last. Taylor is a strong and stable young lady and as her coach, no matter what I ask of her, she is always willing to attempt the feat with a very coachable attitude." -Mary Mozena

Wahoo High School Coach:
Trish Larson
(402) 218-9506

"Taylor is a great athlete who strives for excellence everyday on and off the court. She enjoys the rigors and challenges of high-level training and will do whatever it takes to succeed at a high level and put in the work necessary to get there. She is an athlete who will continue to love the game for a long time and will put in the kind of work necessary to reach the highest level." -Trish Larson
Volleyball Highlight Video-Taylor Homes

Senior Year

High School
  • Current High School Record: 25-4

Current Personal Stats (from MaxPrep):

  • Kill Percentage 51%
  • Hitting Percentage 39.4%
  • Serving Percentage 88.9%

Junior Year

High School
  • Record: 31-5 (best record in the history of Wahoo)
  • Second year in the history of Wahoo High School to go to state
  • Finished fourth at State
  • Varsity Middle Blocker
  • Voted "Honorable Mention" for all area, conference, and state.
  • Voted "Best Offensive Player" on varsity from team members.


(1) Kill Efficiency record (49%), and (2) Highest Kill Efficiency in an individual match (85.8%)
Hitting Efficiency: .367 (1st on high school team, 2nd in the state)
Kill Efficiency: .49 (1st on high school team, 3rd in the state)
Blocks: 62 (2nd on high school team, 26th in state)
Kills: 238 (4th on team, 25th in state)


  • 181 Nebraska Impact Chaos
  • Middle Blocker
  • Windy City Qualifier in Chicago, place 5th
  • Placed first in Regional Tournament on April 12, 2015
  • Attended Nationals in New Orleans June 28 to July 2. Won the Bronze tournament in the National Division.

Sophomore Year

High School:
  • Record: 28-3
  • First year in the history of Wahoo High to go to state
  • Rated 6th in class C1
  • Varsity Middle Blocker, Junior Varsity 11-1
  • Voted "Honorable Mention" for all area
Hitting Efficiency: .276 (4th on high school team)
Kill Efficiency: .403 (2nd on high school team)
Blocks: 29 (3rd on high school team)
Kills: 168 (4th on team)

Club Volleyball:
  • 171 Nebraska Impact
  • Middle Blocker
  • Finished 2nd at Regional Qualifier Bid tournament
  • Finished 4th out of 104 teams at Colorado Crossroads
  • Finished 5th out of 56 teams at President's Day
  • Finished 5th out of 48 teams at Northern Lights
  • Competed at Nationals finished 17th out of 48 teams
Hitting Efficiency: .25 (2nd on team)
Kill Efficiency: .392 (2nd on team)
Blocks: 90 (1st on team, 2nd had 51 blocks)
Kills: 188 (3rd on team)
Ace Serves: 32 (4th on team)

Freshman Year

High School:
  • Record: 23-7
  • Varsity Middle Blocker, Junior Varsity 9-0, Freshman 11-10
  • Voted "MVP" on Freshman team & "Most Improved" on Junior Varsity by team members.

  • 161 Nebraska Impact
  • Middle Blocker (selected to play on the team prior to tryouts)
  • Rated 4th in the region
Kill Efficiency: .365 (2nd on team)
Blocks: 29 (2nd on team)
Kills: 91 (4th on team)
Ace Serves: 23 (4th on team)