South Oaks School

November 2019

The Need for Emotional Regulation

I am currently reading a new book by Dr. Jodi Carrington called, "Kids These Days". This Canadian author covers a lot of fascinating material about why kids do what they do. I really appreciated a whole chapter devoted to kids with a trauma history, including foster children. She says that the most important thing that we will ever teach our kids is to help them understand how to regulate their emotions. Without that, children cannot learn very well. The catch, however, is that a child cannot learn to regulate their emotions until they experience dis-regulation. So, part of every child's story includes times of dis-regulation and this is normal. When this happens, the role of the adult is to model for them how to regulate those big feelings. This pattern must repeat itself throughout their childhood many times, in order for the child to acquire self-regulation.

One way to understand dis-regulation is known as "Flipping Your Lid". Dr. Daniel Siegel is a clinical professor of Psychiatry at the UCLA School of Medicine. Dr. Siegel has developed a simple way to explain what the brain does when dis-regulation occurs. It you have a few minutes, watch this short video of Dr. Siegel showing how he teaches children about what their brain is doing when they become upset.

Learning about emotional regulation and how our brain works is important. This knowledge is somewhat new and has emerged over the past decade or so. My hope is that if we can raise the next generation to be aware of how to regulate their emotions and solve problems, we won't see the aggression and violence in our world that we have seen. We can teach our kids a better way and I invite you to learn as much as you can about emotional regulation as we journey this road together with our kids.

Dale Martens

Dates to Remember

Nov 1: Picture Retake Day

Nov 4: PD Day - NO CLASSES
Nov 8: Assembly @ 11 AM

Nov 11: Remembrance Day - NO CLASSES

Nov 12: Admin Day - NO CLASSES

Nov 14: Parent/Teacher Meeting Appointments Open in Parent Portal.

Nov 22: Report Cards Released on Parent Portal

Nov 28: Parent/Teacher Meetings

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South Oaks School Store!

South Oaks is happy to work together with Creative PrintAll to provide an opportunity for the community to purchase school gear. See the link below for options. The store will be open until December 2.

Picture Retake Day - November 1

LifeTouch will be back at South Oaks School on Friday, November 1 for picture retakes. If you would like to have your child's photo redone, please contact the school and we will put him/her on the list. If you have received a photo package from the first picture day, that package must be returned when retakes are done.

Halloween at South Oaks

We recognize that Halloween is a holiday when many people like to dress up, however at South Oaks we are not acknowledging Halloween with any parties or dress up. We rather celebrate fall earlier in October with Fall Fun Day. This allows all students to participate as we enjoy some fun activities as a school.

FCC Food Drive

A great big "Thank-you" goes out to our South Oaks community for all of your donations for the FCC food drive. We managed to collect 750 pounds of food for the food bank. Your kindness and your generosity are much appreciated. Thanks also for helping our kids see the importance of giving and sharing our many blessings.

When Visiting the School . . .

At South Oaks we value the participation of parents in our school, and want people to feel comfortable when they volunteer, or meet with a teacher. It is important, though, that adults report to the office when arriving at school. You will be asked to sign in and out so we know who is in the school at any given time. If picking up a child for an appointment, again, please report to the office and the secretary will inform the classroom and bring your child to you.

When dropping off your child for school in the morning, please direct them to the playground where students play until the buzzer signals them to come inside (at 8:50 am). If they arrive after the buzzer, please have them stop at the office before heading to their classroom. If they need assistance getting to the classroom we have staff to help direct them. We simply can't have parents going directly into the classrooms without permission, sorry. We must be aware of who is in the classrooms for safety and security reasons. We want to keep our school safe for everyone, and reporting to the office both reduces classroom interruptions as well as enables staff members to be confident that an adult they may not recognize does, in fact, belong in the school. Staff may ask you if you have checked in at the office if you have not done so. Please know that this is strictly for security purposes and not meant to make parents feel less welcome.

Thanks for your help to keep our school safe for everyone!

Parent Teacher Meetings

Parent/teacher meetings for grades 1-4 are scheduled to take place on November 28 from 4:10-8:30 p.m. These appointments are voluntary and we encourage parents to attend with their child if possible. Appointments can be made on the Parent Portal, starting on November 14th.

Note that kindergarten interviews take place on November 12 (KDR & KLW) & November 13 (KR-1).

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Student Lunches

After Halloween, many students want to take some of their candy to school in their lunches. We ask that parents please exercise moderation with sugary snacks in lunches at this time, and review the following comments from from the Parent Handbook:

"Children are reminded at lunch time to first have their sandwiches or whatever main course item that has been packed, before eating the chips or cookies that they might have for dessert. Filling up on sugary foods tends to make children overactive and then tired when the sugar high wears off. If good eating practices are reinforced at home it ensures that the students get the nourishment and balanced diets that their parents intend when they make their lunches."

Transportation Note

All bus routes are posted on the HSD website with times and maps. Any bus that will be late due to weather or mechanical issues will be listed online as well. Go to, to services, then to transportation services. Any bus that is late is posted there with the approximate delay time. Thank you for checking this prior to calling the transportation department!

South Oaks Clothing Coming Soon . . .

In November, we will send home details about the latest South Oaks pride wear opportunity. Together with Creative Printall, we have selected some lovely clothing options for students and parents. We have also freshened up our school logo especially for this round of pride wear. Options will include T-shirts, toques, jackets, etc.

Proceeds from your clothing purchases will go to support a project in the school. We would like to install a lovely aquarium for students to enjoy in our learning commons area. Aquariums can provide a calming effect for students and also teach students to care for living things.

When we are ready to begin, we will send you a message with a link to our online store, where you can make your selections and pay directly for your items on the website. Thanks for your support in this way. We are proud to share South Oaks school with the community in this way.

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From the Health Nurse

Immunizations - Our public health nurse, Heidi Donohoe, is at our school twice each month and is available to vaccinate your children. This includes kindergarten immunizations so please call Heidi at 204-346-7013 to book your appointment.

Head Lice - As mentioned in the parent handbook, it is requested that children's heads be checked periodically for lice. If at all suspicious, call the school immediately, so we can take the necessary precautions to prevent the lice from spreading. If live lice are found, children must be kept out or school until treated with specific lice shampoo and checked again. Children will then be checked when re-entering school. Remember that lice are not a cleanliness issue. Anyone can be in contact with lice, either at school, at a sports complex, or even trying on headgear in a store. Please also note that lice combs should be used in addition to the recommended shampoo to deal with lice. Once the lice shampoo has been used, a lice comb, such as the LiceMeister or the Nit Free Terminator, will help get rid of the rest of the head lice that may remain. If you have any questions or concerns, call our Public Health Nurse, Heidi Donohoe, at 204-346-7013.

Community Notes

The Loft Community Outreach works to meet the basic needs of individuals or families that experience low-income in the Southeastern region. They provide ready-made (frozen) meals, lunch bags for school children, toiletries, laundry detergent, clothing, baby items/supplies, bedding, outerwear and more. If you feel your family or someone you know could benefit from any of these services, please check The Loft out! This program is carried out at the Grunthal Bergthaler Church, 101 Southwood Street in Grunthal. The Loft will be open November 13 & December 11 from 11:00 a.m. to 2 p.m. If you'd like more information please call 204-371-1656.

Shake, Rattle & Roll

Hanover Parent Child Community Program and participating schools present Shake Rattle & Roll. This is a free program offered to preschool children and their parents. This program promotes movement, coordination, listening skills, following directions and cooperative play. No registration required, just join in the fun. For more information contact Wendy at 204-326-9829.

Where: Green Valley School Gym

When: Wednesday 4:15 – 5:15

Program Schedule:

October 2, 9, 16, 23 & 30

November 6, 13, 20 & 27

January 8, 15, 22 & 29

February 5, 12, 19 & 26

March 4, 11, 18 & 25

Please park in the designated school parking areas.

Note that if it is a school closure day, the program will not run.