Forensic Investigator

Veronica Cruz

Job description

Forensic Investigators Investigate crimes by collection and analyzing physical evidence. Forensic Investigators bring evidence from a crime back to the lab and analysis DNA, hair, body fluids, foot prints, blood splatters, and bullet patterns.

Training and education requirements

To be Forensic Investigator you have to atleast have your bachelors degree in Forensic science. After you may look for a job but you won't be put right into the spot, you must learn and be trained by other scientists. If you graduate with your Masters degree it will you the expiernce to jump to start the job right.

Job Outlook

Employment growth at all levels will be influenced and increased because of the need of DNA analysis. Forensic Investigator increases 20% every year. The demand for job in five years is high.

Earning $$$

When you first began you get paid between $45,000 and $81,000 depending on what position you have, as you become better your pay rises. Forensic Investigators get paid $98,000 per year.

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