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Henry Ford



30 July 1863 AD


07 April 1947 AD

Fords major contributions

Ford's assembly line invention accelerated the American Industrial Revolution, and factories continue to employ the concept to this day

Henry's impact

Henry's biggest impact from his contributions was making the FORD car.

Fun Facts!!!

  • Henry Ford was born on July 30, 1863, in Dearborn, Michigan, to William and Mary Ford. He had four siblings.

  • He was bright and curious as a child. He was in his teens when his father gave him a pocket watch which he dismantled and reassembled by himself. He also practiced on the timepieces of friends and neighbors, and soon gained the reputation of a watch repairman. From a young age he demonstrated mechanical ability and leadership qualities.

  • His mother died in 1876, leaving him devastated. He realized that he did not want to live on the farm anymore now that his mother was gone.

  • He left home in 1879 to work as an apprentice machinist with James F. Flower & Bros. in Detroit. Later on he went to work for the Detroit Dry Dock Co. before returning home in 1882.