Middle School Musings

5th and 6th grade newsletter

Highlights of the Week

  • Emoji Writing - The students had a blast using emojis to write creative stories

  • Laura Ingalls Wilder presentation - Laura stepped out of her time machine on Wednesday and shared stories about her life and time period

  • PAX - We are reading the book Pax by Sara Pennypacker with another class from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Students had fun debating about the main character and some of his decisions. Was he wise or wasn't he? Right now we are working on finding text evidence to support our claims.

  • Laura Ingalls Wilder museum - Thank you to our PTO for supporting our field trip to the Walnut Grove museum. Students were intrigued by Laura's dugout home and we learned a lot of interesting facts about Laura's life in Minnesota.

Don't Forget!

Students would like to request your presence at their poster walk on October 28.

Time: 1:30pm

Laura Ingalls Wilder

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Students met Laura in-person at the Hendricks Public Library. They asked great questions and learned many interesting facts.

Students comments:

"I learned Laura moved 19 or more times!" - Landen

"I learned that even though Laura's sister was blind, she graduated from blind school and did a lot of things. Like sewing and crocheting." - Wyatt

"I had no idea that Laura had to wear so many clothes under her clothes!" - Katherine

"I learned Laura was 16 when she started teaching." - Liberty

"I learned that it was not easy back then for girls to do their hair." - Braxton

"I learned that Laura had a daughter named Rose and I also learned that she had a baby boy, but that he died." - Sadie

Walnut Grove, Minnesota

Thank you, Hendricks PTO!!!

While On The Banks Of Plum Creek

  • "I learned that when people moved, they couldn't take much with them on a covered wagon because a covered wagon only travels about 15 miles in one day."

  • "I learned that they had to walk several miles to school."

  • "I learned how they would make several bags of ground coffee at one time."

  • "I learned that 5 people lived in a tiny dugout that was the size of one very small room."

  • "I learned that Laura played on a big rock at plum creek and that the creek has eroded so much soil that is now runs differently than it did during Laura's time.

  • "I learned that Nellie Olson wasn't really Nellie Olson, but Nellie Owens and a combination of two other girls."

  • "I learned that in Laura's time, farmers grew wheat and not corn. The wheat at that time grew as tall as corn!"

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