brave and couragous

cooper littledike 4-5 period

Analysis Of The Development Of Theme

My theme is always be brave and courageous in Freak The Mighty! because here is an example- Freak stands up for anybody, like he did for Max when Tony D. gang came up to then and made fun of them. Freak just stood up for himself and said," Cretin. C-R-E-T-I-N. Defined as one who suffers from mental deficiency!" That is what he said about Tony D! And he also stood up to Max's dad, Killer Kane with a squirt gun! Max also stood up to his dad because he yelled, "I saw you kill my mother!" Max tried to make his dad stop killing Loretta Lee. The conflict is probably person vs. society. Because it is Killer Kane against the cops, family, and old friends. Also Killer Kane broke out of prison because he persuaded the cops that he wont even get close to Max, Gram, and Grim! But it turns out that he got caught kidnapping Max! And he is now going to finish his sentence, and ten more years! And in conclusion, you should always be brave and courageous!

Reflection And Application Of Theme

Well I think I agree with the theme because everyone has to be courageous sometime! I agree with it very highly because being brave and courageous is a very good thing! I also think that the author developed the theme well! Because the story is really cool when someone is brave and courageous. Also because Freak is really small and no one really likes him, but he stands up for himself. Like when he went against Tony D. and Killer Kane! Also Freak wasn't even scared when Max come up to him and Freak just yelled, "Identify yourself Earthling!" And he said it with full confidence. The next thing i'm going to talk about is, how is this theme relevant in your life right now? Well because there are presidents and counselors that are being brave and courageous right now for my country!


So Freak moved into Max's ward and Max was kind of suspicious about him, so Max went over to him and Freak started to go ballistic! So that is basically how Freak the Might was born! From then on they been going on quest, fighting Tony D.! And the biggest surprise is that Max's dad breaks out of prison! He told the cops that he won't even get close to Max. But on Christmas day Max wakes up with his dad on him with Max's mouth shut! He takes Max to go pay Loretta Lee and Iggy a "visit." But the cops show up with Freak in the car searching for Max. And they run away from them! And his dad ties him to a wall, and Loretta Lee comes down and starts to untie the ropes. But Killer Kane comes down and starts strangling Loretta! The cops came in and took Killer Kane away for ten more years of prison! And the sad thing about this book is that Freak got sic and died! So that is my summary.