Pennridge Technology Spotlight

November 2015

Hour of Code

When/ What is it?

December 7-13, 2015

A week long celebration of innovation and inspiration designed to inspire learners of all ages to develop an understanding of computer coding. Schools or individual classrooms can sign up to participate in this worldwide campaign to promote computer science.

For more general information about Hour of Code - Blog Post from Education Technology and Mobile Learning

Who started it?

Hour of Code was developed by a, a non-profit organization whose mission statement addresses the development of computer science in educational programs across America for all students, especially focused on increasing diversity within professional and academic fields.

Who should participate?

Over 100 million students worldwide have participated in Hour of Code. There are multiple tutorials available geared towards for various age levels. For example, young learners may find the “Anna and Elsa Tutorials” or middle school students might prefer to create their own “Flappy Bird” game.

What if I don’t know how to Code?

The learning modules are designed for students to explore on their own, so you do not need to have coding experience. In fact, learning along with your students would be a valuable demonstration of the habits of a life-long learner!

What are some resources on Hour of Code?

Promote the Hour of Code content designed to educate and excite about Hour of Code.

Introductory Tutorials about Hour of Code

Short activities to provide for students during the hour of code. These tutorials can be grouped according to interest and maturity level.

What if I don’t have access to computers?

Several of the tutorials provide activities that do not require a computer and focus on the relationship between text and digital connection. One strong example of such a tutorial is Thinkersmith’s My Robot Friends.

General Resources Dealing with Coding

Want to go further in your exploration of coding? Check out these resources:

Hour of Code

Code Academy

Google Code School

Microsoft Creative Coding Through Games and Apps

Khan Academy