Deja Vu Who?

By: Angelina Amilibia


I chose deja vu because it is an interesting topic to talk about. You have a sudden feeling of familiarity during a conversation or a place you are at. And it seems cool because we all have it once in our lifetime. My research may help others understand what and how deja vu works.

What is Deja Vu?

Deja Vu is a sudden familiarity while having a conversation with someone or being in a place. You recollect the way something smells or looks because you believe it to have happened before, where in reality it has not. Deja vu occurs at random times and to random people. But what is the cause to this? Scientifically, they can not justify it as a particular thing in our bodies that make us have these recollection of memories. However they are able to assume that the familiarity detection depends on the rhinal cortex, whereas the recollection part is dependent on the hippocampus.

The Brain

During Deja Vu the brains memory circuits go crazy. From glitches in the matrix to mismatches and short circuits. The hippocampus and rhinal cortex are mainly being used during this process. However, there are multiple parts of the brain that are also being used such as, the neural system, rhinal nervous system, short and long term memory. During this process electrical discharge occurs in the brain making the temporal lobe fail and lets us to have deja vu. There are multiple theories that have occured such as the hologram theory, a scientist believed that our memories are like holograms.


Psychologist Hermon Sno came up with the theory called the Hologram theory. He believed that our memories are like little holograms running through our minds. He also believes that our minds recreate a scene from a certain smell ot picture etc. Robert Efron is another important psychiatrist that had his own theory called dual processing. He proved that our delayed neurological responses are caused by deja vu.
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Interesting facts

Deja Vu in french literally means "already seen".

Most deja vu moments occur in our dreams

People who experience deja vu more vividly remember their dreams.