Amazon Rainforest

By: Annelise Mraz

Facts of the Amazon Rainforest

*Rain forest plants provide one-fourth of the world's medicine.

* We wouldn't have chocolate, bananas, cashews, and bubblegum.

* Millions of animals live in the rain forest, more than half of all of the species on Earth.

Credit: Our World Today, social studies book

Three Challenges the Rain forest is facing:



*Cattle and agriculture

Credit: Our World Today, social studies book

Examples of Amazon Rain forest products:

Problems in the Amazon:

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What did you learn about the Amazon?

The Amazon is the largest Amazon and holds many different plants and animals. Now that we know about the resources, we are hacking away the trees, the minerals, and plants.

How Important do you think the Rain forest is to people of South America and the World?

The Amazon is used for it's plants, animals, trees, etc. We use the plants for some medicines and science. Animals are mainly used for biology and entertainment via. zoos. Trees are used for their wood to build houses, farms, and towns.

Name one organization that is helping to protect the Amazon and what is their purpose?

After discovering a new type of monkeys, Dutch scientist Marc van Roosmalen made an orphanage for abandoned monkeys in his house. More info in the link below.