Personality Poster

Based off of Myers-Briggs Results

I'm a Consul

  • I am 94% Extroverted which means that I can work with big groups of people and that I would much rather prefer large groups of people over being alone.
  • I am 40% Observant which means that I can usually quickly notice thing and also that I stick to the rules, which sounds exactly like me.
  • One of my biggest weaknesses was judging.
  • Overall I think that this test that gave me these results was very very accurate because everything that it said was exactly what I see myself as. I would way rather be with a group of people than alone and while I am with that big group I tend to make some quick observations as to what people in the group are like. I also know that sometimes I can tend to judge which is something that I need to change because dependent upon how you are judging someone or if it is someone and not a something it can hurt them.
  • Some things that make me extroverted are things like being on so many teams for sports and what not.
  • Some thing that could help to make a person observant is the way they look at thing.
  • And finally something that could change whether or not a person is judgmental could be whether or not they have been judged before or if they can look at things from the others point of view.