Homework for the Next Two Weeks


Hello! I mentioned this in the last SMORE but realized that I might not have made it clear enough so I wanted to resend this information so that everyone understand what is happening with homework the next two weeks. Because we have two days off next week, we will NOT have homework the following week after president's day break. Due to the two days off of school and no homework the next week you can complete this weeks homework packet over the next two weeks. I was originally thinking that this week's homework packet could be due on Wednesday after our break, but it can be extended until next Friday if that is better.

Sorry for any confusion and if anyone was overwhelmed by the homework this week, that was NOT at all the intention. As we do go throughout the year we will have to slightly pick up the homework to get ready for second grade, but we know that our students are busy and have lots of important things to do with their families. As always, please let us know any questions or concerns and we will do our best to solve them. Thank you for being the best and most supportive families ever!