Endangered Fish Life

By: Lauren Oakley

Coelacanth Life

The Coelacanth that people thought was extinct was found living in the Indian Ocean in 1983. Now German scuba divers study Coelacanths in their deep haunts. Most Coelacanths have been found in the waters off the coasts of South Africa, Mozambique and Comoros. The Coelacanth eats other fish like Cuttlefish, Lantern fish and other reef fish. The Coelacanth can get to the length of 5 feet and can weigh up to 150 pounds.

Pallid Sturgeon Life

Most of the Pallid Sturgeons are found on the sandy or rocky bottoms of large and murky free-flowing rivers. Scarce fish in the upper Missouri river are the Pallid Sturgeons. Pallid Sturgeons are now considered one of the most rarest fish in the range. The poor Pallid Sturgeons became extinct in only 30 years!

Pupfish Life

Most Pupfish are so small that they're only less than an inch! The poor Pupfish that are alive are only 7 populations! The 7 populations that are left are being threatened by predators like mosquito fish, bullfrogs, crayfish and snails. Plus the population of the Pupfish has decreased because men keep on catching the Pupfish and eating it. Also their habitat has either been polluted or mostly drained out.

Totoaba Life

The Totoaba can weigh up to over 220 pounds and they're over 6.5 feet long. A Totoaba spawns only once a year so that makes their population growth slow with a minimum population doubling time of fourteen-and-a-half to fifteen years. While Totoabas are migrating fishermen are capturing them. This decreased the number of fish that made it to the spawning grounds without getting caught. Just over 2,200 tons of Totoabas have been taken from the gulf along the eastern side.
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