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July 30, 2023

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Who Are the Newest Hires and What Are the Changes with Technology?

As we all get ready for the new school year, here are updates and reminders to keep you informed. 1. New Hires--Ms. Yahulda Lelonek will be one of our new teachers of gifted and talented students this year. She has formerly taught GT students in Georgia and has also taught in Shanghai, China and in North Carolina. She will teach half of our GT students and Mrs. McNay will teach the other half. She is a veteran addition to our staff. Ms. Kayla Thompson will be our new Unique Pathways assistant this year. She replaces Ms. Pauling who left us to pursue further education. Ms. Thompson is a Certified Nursing Assistant and brings a wealth of experience from working in the medical field. 2. Personal Technology Use--There is now a new district policy (JICJ) concerning student use of personal devices. Here is what it says:

"For purposes of this policy, personal electronic device includes, but is not limited to, cell phones; pagers; smart watches; gaming devices; or other devices that emit an audible signal; vibrate; display a message; display or record an image; or otherwise summon or deliver a communication to the possessor. Personal electronic devices are not permitted to be on or visible during the school day and should be stored in lockers or backpacks while on campus between the student arrival and dismissal bell.

Unauthorized use of a personal electronic device may include, but is not limited to, taking pictures or recording without permission, cheating, harassment or bullying, use during any emergency drill, use during unauthorized times, or use for unlawful activities.

A student in possession of a personal electronic device in conflict with this policy will be subject to discipline as provided under administrative rule JICJ-R."

Simply put, as we have done in the past, all personal electronic devices (cell phones, smart watches, gaming devices, etc.) that are out will be taken and we will ask the parent to pick it up. Please be sure your child knows this so that this will not be an issue this year. This applies to elementary, middle and high school students. 3. School Technology Use--This year, all kindergarten, first grade and second grade school issued devices will stay at school. This is a districtwide decision. (Our K and 1st devices stayed at school last year.) We have found that our little ones really don't need devices at home given that they should be "real" reading and "real" writing as reinforcement homework activities. For many of our younger children, the device was so cumbersome getting it to and from home. Of course, if we are out for any extended period of time, we will send those devices home. Third, fourth and fifth grade devices will be permitted to go home. 3rd-5th teachers will follow up with parents to let them know how much devices should be used after school. All devices this year will only have access to apps and programs that students need to use. All other programs will be locked on the devices. All students will complete a district Digital Citizenship course and the technology fee of $20 needs to be paid. This fee covers the costs of basic damage of the device whether the damage happens at school or home. More information will be sent about what forms need to be signed and how to pay the technology fee. If you wish for your 3rd-5th grade child to leave the school issued device at school, you can complete the District Device Leave-at-School Optional Form below and give that to your child's teacher.

As we start school, we will continue to provide you with updates so we all can transition well to a new year. Thank you for all you do to care for your child and our school. We will see you soon.

Strength and Blessings to You,

Mr. Maness

Beginning of School Checklist for Parents

1. Returning Student Verification--We need all parents of students who were in Rock Hill Schools last year to complete the Returning Student Verification for their student/s for the 23/24 school year. We want to be sure all your information is accurate so your child can start school this fall and so we can effectively communicate with you.

You have received an email from Rock Hill Schools about Returning Student Enrollment Verification. The email includes directions, a link, username and password. Email Mrs. Hunsucker at if you have issues with completing this process.

2. Parent Portal Set Up--Parents, please be prompt in completing your Parent Portal account set up! You have received an email from the District with directions and your username and password connected to your student/s. This is important for you to complete as more items/information will be provided to you, as a parent, through your Parent Portal Access. For example, attendance, grades, forms, etc. Note: Notification of what teachers your child will have this year will be sent through Parent Portal. They will not be mailed this year. You will be notified when you can see your child's teacher assignment in Parent Portal. Directions for signing up for Parent Portal are below and at this link:

3. Be Great Academy After School Program--This fall, we will transition from our district sponsored Challenger Program to the Challenger Be Great Academy which will be sponsored by the Boys and Girls Clubs of Rock Hill. The Be Great Academy has been selected as the best after school program in the Midlands for the past 11 years and they will bring lots of new ideas and support for our program at Cherry Park. You can click on the button below (or click on the link below) to find out more information and register your child. You can also contact Ms. Sanders at 839-228-9121 for more information about the program.

4. School Supply Lists--Are now available for you. Click on the following link or the button below: If you need any assistance securing supplies for your child, please let us know.

5. Attend Fall Open House--Thursday, August 17 from 4:30-6:30 PM. This will be a time for you to come and visit your child's teachers and ask any questions as we begin the school year.

6. Volunteer Screening--In order to volunteer at Cherry Park or on field trips, all volunteers must have an updated and completed Volunteer Screening. Summer is a great time to check to be sure yours is up to date. All volunteers have to complete a screening every two years and you should have an expiration date on your volunteer card for when yours needs to be renewed. The link for the volunteer screening can be found below.

7. Information about Bus Transportation and Technology Forms--Will be coming soon.

Parent Portal Signup Directions

Click here for directions how you can sign up for Parent Portal.

Be Great Academy After School Program

Click here for more information about the Be Great Academy. To register your child, click on the "Register/Login" tab at the top on the far right.

CPES School Supply Lists

Click here to see what supplies your child needs for this fall. Please let us know if you need any assistance securing school supplies for your child.

Volunteer Screening Application

All volunteers must have an up to date background check done every two years. Please check yours and click here if yours needs to be updated.

Notes and Reminders

Start Time for This Year--As you plan for your morning routines, know that students will be late after 7:40 this year. (Last year our start time was 7:45.) Our cutoff will be at 7:40 and after that time, parents will be asked to sign in their child. Please begin now to make adjustments to your schedules so your child can arrive on time.

Student Meals for Next Year--There will not be a cost for student meals next year. This will include breakfast and lunch. This will be a great opportunity for our school family.


Because, afterall…READING TAKES YOU PLACES! Challenge yourself to read at least 10 hours this summer. Keep track on a special “Travel the World” bookmark. Each time you read 15 minutes check off a box. If you check all the boxes you will have read 10 hours. Return the bookmark to the library by September 1, 2023 and you are eligible for prizes. If you don’t read all 10 hours, it’s okay...there are still prizes for all who participate

Read for a total of:

  • 5 hours = Small Treat
  • 8 hours = Small Treat + Bookmark
  • 10 hours = Small Treat + Bookmark + Rubber Bracelet + Free Book from the December Book Fair

Look for the bookmark and instructions for how to participate to come home the last week of school!

Elementary Attendance Guidelines

Click here for guidelines for elementary students.

Need Tech Support? Call 803-324-TECH

School Calendar

August 15--First Day Back for Teachers

August 17--4:30-6:30 PM Open House

August 21--First Day Back for Students

August 30--6:00 Scouting Night at CPES and All Elementary Schools

September 4--Labor Day Holiday (No School)

Parent Organizations

School Improvement Council--This group seeks to determine how Cherry Park Elementary can be the best school it can be. It is a sounding board and feedback group for the school and district. Members are elected for two year terms. Members of this year's Council include Anitra Meeks, Paloma Fernandez Sanchez, Brittany Jensen, Celia Kerr, Ashley Petit, Latisha Givens, and Scott Kennedy. Ex-Officio Members are Mr. Maness (Principal) and Mrs. Futrelle (Assistant Principal). Meetings are held at Cherry Park on the second Monday of each month at 5:30 PM. All parents are invited to attend.

Parent Teacher Organization--This group has three main goals: Raising funds for the school, appreciating the staff and securing volunteers as needed. The Cherry Park PTO is a 501c3 tax deductible organization. Meetings are held at Cherry Park on the second Monday of each month at 6:30 PM (right after the SIC meetings.) All parents are invited to attend. All financial records are distributed and updated at each month's meeting.

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Cherry Park Website

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