Culture - Rome vs. United States

Citizenship, Law, and Justice


Citizens of Rome are free and law-abiding people while in the U.S, citizens have to obey laws or suffer the consequences.

Righs of Justice

People should all have equall rights. Like people in the U.S, they should be able to vote, hold official offices, own property, write contracts, go to court, etc. but not everyone is given equal rights. In Rome, male citizens are given all the rights while women and freedmen have limited rights. Slaves have no rights at all.


Laws were carved in stone where on the other hand, laws in the U.S are written on paper. The law in Rome normally focused on marriage, inheritance, and contracts between people.


In the U.S, people who commit crimes are given consequences which can include going to jailand paying fines. Romans also have these consequences but they also get beatings, banishments, and can be made into slaves. People often got executed or crusified if they were guilty of something like patricied.