Mary's Mount Primary School

Term 2, Week 8 - 17 June 2022

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Dear Parents and Carers


We are excited to share with you some news from Mrs Muscat.

Baby Muscat is due to arrive in December this year.

We wish Mr and Mrs Muscat all the best at this exciting time.


May God’s love and blessings be with the Year 4 children this coming weekend.

In honour of this special occasion, you will be remembered in the prayers of the Mary’s Mount Primary School and Holy Family community. Mrs Meadows and the Catechist team have worked tirelessly to prepare you for this special event in your life. We look forward to celebrating this special day with you on Sunday.

VOLUNTEERS – Year 1 Parents

A special shout out to the Year 1 team along with a band of wonderful helpers who put together the Year 1 maths kits this week. The kits enable the children to actively participate in maths tasks using concrete materials.


Next Tuesday an Evacuation drill will be held during the day. Throughout the year staff of Mary’s Mount Primary School conduct Bushfire drills, Evacuation drills, and Lockdown drills. This process enables us as a school to practice the drills, reflect and refine processes and procedures to ensure that we are prepared as a school community.


Now that we can welcome community back onsite I would like to invite our school community to a coffee and a chat with myself and Julie, our Social Worker. As part of our strategic direction over the coming three years, we have developed a Wellbeing Strategy, MMPS Way 2 Wellbeing. Julie and I would love to share with you how we have progressed and where our vision is going. It is an exciting time at MMPS in the wellbeing space and our communication and engagement with you is vital to the successful roll out of this initiative. Please fill in the RSVP to let us know if you can attend. There will be yummy Shirley treats on offer and a warm cuppa.


This week we celebrate our 101 year of MMPS. Once again, Sue Blair has offered her time to reflect on the past with our students by taking them on historical tours, sharing our school's past with them and remembering those before us and the founding Sisters of our school. We are very blessed to have Sue continue to help and volunteer at our school, and I would like to thank Sue for her time and ongoing support of our community.

Emma Bell

Be the best part of someone else's day - Ben Crowe

TERM 2, 3 & 4 PLANNERS 2022

Visit our website here for the current Term Planners and key dates for 2022.


Sunday 19 June - First Eucharist

Monday 20 June

  • 6.00pm SAC Meeting

Tuesday 21 June

Wednesday 22 June

Thursday 23 June

  • Y5 & Y6 Lightning Carnival

Friday 24 June

  • Merit Assembly & Y6
  • Reptile Incursion Y3, Y5 & Y6
Snapshots @MMPS Term 2 Week 8


On photo day speciality group images (eg Green Team, Y6 Leaders etc) were taken at our school.

These images can be viewed and purchased at a unique website, which is DIFFERENT to where you order the portraits and class photos online.

1. To place your Order online simply go to

2. Locate our Schools Name, then select the album titled Mary's Mount PS Specialist Groups - 2022
3. You will then be required to enter a password to view the Album. The password for this HDBWF22

4. Please ensure that you use your child’s name at the checkout

5. The images you are viewing are uncropped and will be cropped to fit to a 10x8 print (as per the first image in your gallery, a sample of layout & colour)

  • The online orders will be open until midnight on Tuesday 21st of June 2022 – for the Bulk Pricing Offer
  • The Bulk Pricing Offer is $20 per print and these will be delivered to the school BY CLASS GROUP
  • After the $20 pricing expires, the photos will remain available online, but the photos are now at a cost of $35 per image and delivered to a preferred address.

If you have any queries please contact MSP Photography on 9240 8000 or via email on

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Year 3, 5 and 6 choir members are invited to the Holy Communion Mass

June 19th, 9am at Holy Family Church.

Choir members who are able to support the Year 4 class as they receive their

First Holy Communion are asked to meet Mrs Freeman in the Choir area of

the Church from 8.45am for a 9am start.

Choir members are asked to wear smart casual clothing. The more voices we have supporting our peers and their families on the morning

the better!

Please complete the following form to let me know if your child can attend

Thank you

Mrs Freeman

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Marys Mount P&F Honey Drive!

Orders are now open for our MMPS honey! Buy a tub for you, a tub for nan and a tub for your neighbour too. The honey will then be available for collection during the last week of this term, with details to be shared next week.

Thank you to all of the wonderful entries we have received for the honey labels. We are currently reviewing them and will soon announce the winners.

So let’s create a ‘buzz’ and get some yummy honey into everyone’s tummies! All funds raised will go towards a new Marys Mount branded marquee and 4 x new faction marquees - just in time for the upcoming school sports carnival next term.

MMPS P&F Committee




Our students love to order from the canteen, and Fridays are a busy hive of activity but we can't do it without volunteers. So please consider helping out on a Friday, even a few hours will be greatly appreciated.

So if you can help out on any of the Fridays below, please either contact Angeline or email and we will pass your information on.

Friday 24 June

Friday 1 July

Thank you.

Angeline Biggin



This week Instagram launched new controls for parents - Parental Supervision - a really good step moving forward.

Under the new features, parents can see their teen’s daily average time spent on Instagram and set subsequent restrictions to limit their use of the app. These screen-time limits can be between 15 minutes and two hours, while breaks can also be scheduled.

Parents can also be notified when their child reports an account or piece of content, with the teenager having the option of leaving a note explaining why they made the report. These supervision tools are available through the new Family Centre feature.

New features have also been introduced to encourage young people to switch to a different topic if they are repeatedly looking at the same content and to turn on “Take a Break” when they have been scrolling in Reel.

The new features can be activated under Settings / Supervision. A reminder, the recommended age for Instagram is 13+.


I have recently started reading the book ‘The Strength Switch’ by Lea Waters and I am loving it! Lea shares how parents can use a strength-based approach to parenting to help their child to flourish.

Character strengths are defined as the inner strengths that are morally valued, like courage, kindness, gratitude, hope and humour. When we are using our core strengths in a certain situation, we feel energised, competent and like we are using the best of ourselves. Our character strengths are the building blocks of our personality, and they will be what our children rely on throughout their lives when faced with challenges and opportunities.

As parents, we can be unaware of our child’s strengths, and it can be very easy to focus mostly on the challenges that our children face. Having a strengths-based approach to parenting doesn’t mean that we ignore the challenges that our children face, but rather that we look for ways that they can use their strengths to overcome their challenges. We may also find that some of our children’s challenges are an example of them overusing one of their strengths, such as humour. Developing this awareness can be a helpful way for us to approach conversations with our children about the behaviours they need to work on.

A simple place to start is to become a ‘strength detective’ with our children. This involves deliberately looking out for times when our children are using their strengths and encourage them in this. We can do this by pointing out an action that we noticed and telling our children about the strength that we saw them use. For example, ‘I saw you sharing your toy with your friend, that is what we mean when we talk about being kind, kindness is a wonderful strength that you have.’

Below is a link to a video with some more information about parenting with a focus on character strengths.

Mrs Julie Merrells

MMPS Social Worker


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Mary’s Mount Primary School is the parish school for Holy Family Church in Kalamunda.

Fr Suresh celebrates mass at the beginning of each term, for solemnities and special feast days and offers reconciliation to students who are preparing to receive their Sacraments.

Parish Priest : Fr Antony Suresh

Parish Secretary : Mary Syme

Current Parish Bulletin :


If you have something you would like to submit to the school newsletter, please email your submission by Wednesday for inclusion in the weekly newsletter.