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May 13, 2016

6th Grade Advanced Math

This week the students decomposed their RWE birdhouse to find the surface area. They then moved into learning about how to find the volume of 3D shapes. Next week the students will learn about the concept of a "net." They will experiment with different nets and will create a net for their birdhouse design. The geometry test will be given on Monday, May 23rd.

3rd/4th Differentiated Engagement Block (DEB)

The students finished their exploration of the coral reefs, and are currently growing coral in the classroom. This week they were given a learning contract. On their learning contract they needed to specify which endangered animal they were going to research, and decide how they were going to present their learning. Some students have chosen to present their learning through a Google slideshow, while others have decided they want to create a prototype on how to save their endangered animal. The students will be working on these projects for the remainder of the year.

5th/6th Differentiated Engagement Block (DEB)

The students began learning about the Civil Rights Movement by watching a video. The students then created a timeline of the different Civil Rights events on a Padlet. Now the students are in the process of choosing which event they want to research further. They will decide how they will present their information to the class. The students will be working on these projects for the remainder of the year.

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