The Treasure Map

Monday, October 28 - Sunday, November 3

Week in Review

Monday, October 28

  • 4th Grade Common Planning 9:00-9:38 (A week); 2:45-3:45 (B week)
  • 1st Grade Common Planning 2:30-3:30 (A week); 1:30-2:10 (B week)
  • End of First Nine Weeks
  • 2nd Grade CogAT testing
  • Red Ribbon Week - team jersey
  • Report Card grades due: 3:00
  • Dental Van
  • Marian Taylor is out

Tuesday, October 29

  • CoGAT at IHES for 2nd grade
  • 8:00 Crystal at Leadership Meeting
  • Red Ribbon Week - Wear boots
  • 1:00 SIP team visit
  • 3:00 Emergency Management Training Faculty Meeting
  • Marian Taylor is out

Wednesday, October 30

  • 5th Grade Common Planning 2:45-3:30
  • K Common Planning 12:35-1:20
  • 2nd Grade Common Planning 2:45-3:45
  • Rhonda at Flex Center AM for 504 training
  • CogAT for 2nd graders
  • Red Ribbon Week - Super Heroes
  • Marian Taylor is out

Thursday, October 31- Happy Halloween

  • 3rd Grade Common Planning 8:00-8:45
  • 5th Grade Common Planning 9:55-10:35
  • CogAT make-up testing
  • Red Ribbon Week - Wear red, white, and black
  • 1:00 RRW Games with 4th and 5th grades
  • Third Grade - Diamond Del
  • Marian Taylor is out
  • All teachers may leave as soon as their afternoon duties are complete.

Friday, November 1

  • Fourth Grade to Riverbanks Zoo
  • CoGAT make-up testing
  • Red Ribbon Week - Future Career
  • Data Analysis Summary due from common assessment - see IHES handbook
  • Marian Taylor is out

Saturday, November 2

Sunday, November 3

Guided Reading and Students with IEPs

All students should receive guided reading in a guided reading group with a classroom teacher. Even students who have an IEP and are receiving instruction in reading from a resource teacher should be receiving guided reading from a classroom teacher. Children who receive inclusion instruction from a resource teacher or interventionist should also be "double dipped" in guided reading by a classroom teacher.

State Farm "Like a Good Neighbor" Program - Third Grade

State Farm would like to recognize 10 boys and 10 girls each month. The criteria are simple: attitude, attendance, and academics. Selection is left to teacher descretion. Monthly recipients would be called to the Atrium where they will be met with Wintrhop players, coaches, or Mr. Big Stuff. The presentation will take only about 15 minutes.

Names of receipients due to Crystal by Nov. 12
Presentation Nov. 19

Literacy Team Representatives

If you are willing to serve on the LIteracy Team at the district level please email Crystal and Rhonda your name. We need a K-2 and a 3-5 rep. for this year. This would mean a meeting at the DO three times this year and a half day away from students each time. Then, upon your return this team will decide how information learned will be disseminated to staff. Megan Lynn is a member of this team also.

Lab This Week: Marian is taking family medical leave to be with her son and daughter-in-law. Her position is not a position we are allowed to cover with a sub. Please plan to stay with your students during lab next week.

Guidance Corner

November – Self-Discipline

Exercising control according to what you think instead of how you feel at the moment. Work hard to be in control of your words, actions, and manage your emotions. Set goals, make plans to achieve them, and stay on track. Commit to a goal and make plans to achieve it. Self-discipline is doing your best in all situations.


"He could not be in a better setting, his teacher is phenomenal!" These were thoughts expressed to Crystal and I this week about Stacy Bunchman and her work with children. We already know this about Ms. Bunchman and it is reaffirming to hear how great our teachers are from outside visitors.

The Fine Points

  • Crystal and I would like to challenge each classroom teacher to conduct parent conferences with 100% of their classroom population before the end of the first semester, Jan. 16.

Check It Out!

Ms. Selle's Weebly ROCKS!! Copy and paste this link to check it out! See Ms. Selle if you want to see the paid components of Weebly. PTO has set aside a small fund to assist in things like purchasing things like this.

Red Ribbon Week Oct. 28 - Nov. 1

Our theme is Drug Free is the Pirate Way to Be. I am also including information at the end of the e-mail that can be forwarded to families if they want to participate in a Red Ribbon Week online contest.

Monday, October 28-Pirates are Winners and Winners don't do drugs - Wear your favorite team shirt or jersey because you pirates are winners. Teachers may jeans Monday and Thursday.

Tuesday, October 29-Pirates Give Drugs the Boot- Wear your favorite boots because pirates stomp out drugs

Wednesday, October 30-Pirates are Super-Dress as your favorite super hero to show that pirates are so super that we don't need drugs

Thursday, October 31- Pirates United Day- Wear red, white and black (IHES colors) to show we are united in our fight to be drug free. Teachers may wear jeans Monday and Thursday.

Friday, November 1-Pirates Have Big Dreams-Dress as your future career because pirates futures are so bright that we don't need drugs

RIT Band Sites for Student Practice

Under each site it will give you a set of numbers, RIT Band, for a student to work within. There are many activities at each level that can be worked on nightly. Consider choosing maybe one or two a night.

Informational Text- 181-190

Literature- 191-200

Foundational Skills/vocabulary- 181-190

Future Events

  • November 5 Picture Day (make ups Dec. 4)
  • India Hook's first Movie Night will be November 8th at 5:30pm. A quick PTA General Meeting will be held prior to the start of the movie. Mark the date on your calendar now for a night of fun!
  • November 12, 15, 19, and 21 from 9:30-10:10am and 10:15-10:55am - 4th grade swimming....details to follow
  • December 4 Make up picture day
  • by January 27, 2014 Progress conference to review goals for GBE
  • February 20 is the last day to spend teacher money.
  • by March 14 Annual Review of GBE performance; completed form due
  • by May 1 complete GBE survey